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7 Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Favorite Dining Space

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Dining room lighting is designed to offer a blend of both form and function, bringing brightness and openness to a space, while imbuing it with distinct style and design that doesn’t overpower. We’ve put together a selection of our top lighting picks to anchor your favorite dining area in a variety of covet-worthy styles.

Dining room chandeliers

Chandeliers don’t have to be dripping in crystals or have a gold finish to make an impact. Simple structure and a sizable silhouette can just as easily fill a space with elegance and allure. When selecting a chandelier, be sure to match the style of your lighting to the style of your space. A wooden, beaded chandelier works perfectly for a farmhouse or coastal space, while a stunning globe-shaped chandelier is ideal for modern or contemporary schemes.

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Dining room pendant lights

Shape is important when choosing overhead lighting, but doesn’t necessarily have to be defined by the shape of your dining table. For a cohesive, concentric look, choose a round, cloth-shaded pendant to match your round table and pull your room together. Likewise, for long, rectangular tables, a linear design or two round or square pendants paired together offers ample brightness and fills your overhead space nicely.

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Dining room wall sconces

Offering ambient light that can accent overhead lighting and help to define artwork and mirrors on your dining room walls, sconces offer a chic way to accessorize your room and amplify your overall design. Choose a shaded option for indirect, diffused light to add a subtle brightness, or go full force and choose an exposed bulb option for maximum lighting potential. From formal dining areas to casual farmhouse spaces , sconces add an extra accent to your room that offers maximum style impact.

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Rustic dining room lighting ideas

Lighting fixtures are designed to offer either direct or indirect light depending on how bright you want your room to be and how much focus you want on your space. For a rustic-inspired dining room, select a fixture with upward facing lights for indirect brightness, fixated in either an iron or wood-finished structure for a charming and minimalist lighting design ready to accentuate and complement other decor pieces crafted from raw wood and aged leather.

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Casual dining room lighting ideas

Keep things cool and casual with simple lighting designs that speak volumes. Straightforward, clean-lined, lighting fixtures bring the overhead lighting you need and accentuate your space without overdoing it. These styles are perfect for dining rooms and areas that are used frequently and aren’t reserved for once-a-year holiday soirees. As a general rule, the width of your lighting fixture should always be roughly 12 inches less than the width of your dining table at its widest point.

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Modern farmhouse dining room lighting ideas

Popular for its laid-back feel with sophisticated flair, Farmhouse style is all about traditional decor with a subtle twist of industrial design. Think whitewashed woods, burlap upholstery, and galvanized steel accents. With this in mind, your lighting option should reflect similar qualities and can be used to create a focal point in your room. Choose from rustic bronze, smoked oak, heritage brass finishes to get the down-home look you’ve always cherished.

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Upscale dining room lighting ideas

If you like to throw upscale dinner soirees or are looking to design your dining room for strictly once-a-year- type functions, selecting high-end lighting with luxe appeal is the way to go. With unique forms and striking silhouettes, upscale doesn’t necessarily refer to price and materials, but rather the overall appeal the dining room offers, and more importantly, the feeling guests get when they enter your space, with that look of wonder and amazement in their eyes.

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