Modern Game Tables

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Game tables make terrific additions to a recreation room, outdoor space, or family room, adding an informal and lighthearted element to a home. Fortunately, the days of clunky modern pool tables, the inelegant football table or the outdoor ping pong table are behind us, and there are a number of stylish and even versatile game tables on the market from which the modern design enthusiast can choose. If you’re in the market for a modern pool table or you’re shopping for modern ping pong tables, keep the following factors in mind:

When it comes to an outdoor ping pong table, versatility is key.

Versatility may not sound like a typical feature of an outdoor table tennis table, but today’s designs offer just that. A favorite contemporary design currently on the scene is a concrete table, designed as a modern ping pong table, but which is refined and elegant enough to be used as a dining table. Other than concrete tables, there are several modern ping pong tables on the market, some made from innovative materials, that are also beautiful enough to be used as either dining room tables or conference tables. So, when it comes to making a game table selection—whether it’s modern pool tables, an outdoor table tennis table, or indoor football table, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for tables that can do double duty.


Make the modern pool table and outdoor ping pong table a main attraction.

As mentioned earlier, the days of inelegant game tables are behind us, meaning that there’s no longer any reason to think of the modern ping pong table or modern pool tables as objects that should be confined to basements and subsidiary outdoor areas. Today’s designs are beautiful and stylish enough to be placed front and center. So, if you’re thinking of purchasing a modern ping pong table, for instance, spring for one that adds a unique dimension to your space. If it’s big enough to reside in a living area along with standard furniture, then make it part of your furniture ensemble, in the same way that you would any other piece of furniture. The same goes for modern pool tables. The fact that a pool table is not being used all the time doesn’t mean that it won’t add esthetic value to a room. Choosing a game table of any kind for its visual appeal as well as its functionality is just as important as selecting any piece of furniture for those reasons.

Get serious about modern pool tables and other game tables.

While it may be natural to think of game tables as frivolous extras, rather than serious design objects, there’s every reason to approach purchasing them with the kind of seriousness reserved for Mid Century chairs or plush designer sofas. If you’re fortunate enough to have the space and means to invest in stylish modern pool tables or a visually arresting outdoor ping pong table, do so by employing same discerning eye you use for any piece of modern design. The versatility and beauty intrinsic to some of today’s game tables deem them both modern furniture and artful object—and, as such, are worth the same time and consideration assigned to any smart, long-lasting investment.