Ceiling Lights


Use modern ceiling lights to reimagine every room with function and inspiration

Finding the right lighting for your home is not just smart - it’s essential. Proper lighting will illuminate every area of your home and bring an evolved touch to each space. From task lighting to ambient lighting, chic ceiling lights are truly integral. With the variety of options available at 2Modern, you can easily curate an elevated and well-appointed collection of lighting throughout your entire modern home.

Choose modern lighting for every ceiling in your home

Pendants make a strong statement, but also provide a versatile, space-saving, and focused glow. Pendant lighting can be installed at a variety of heights, allowing it to suit your specific needs and preferences. Use pendants above your kitchen island or sink, in your entryway, over your dining room table, and so much more. Pendant lighting delivers an ambient glow and an unbeatable, decorative touch.

Chandeliers are an unmissable addition to your modern home. Combining substantial dimensions with space-saving designs, chandeliers are equal parts lovely and useful. Send a stylish message by incorporating a chandelier into your entryway, dining room, or even your living room or bedroom. Whether your style is bold or understated, traditional or contemporary, you’re sure to find the perfect chandelier for your home at 2Modern.

Linear suspension lights are a unique solution to your lighting needs. Uniquely able to shed light on rectangular areas, such as above your kitchen island or over your dining room table, linear suspension lighting is a completely contemporary choice. From simple bar-style designs to elaborate, artistic, shapely styles, linear lighting is an inspired addition to your space.

Flush mount lighting is a seamless and functional concept. With designs ranging from straightforward Scandinavian stunners to head-turning mid-century modern marvels, flush mount lights are ideal for just about any area of your home. Whether you need to light the way in your low-ceiling entryway, hallway, laundry room, or bathroom, flush mount lights are a genius option for your modern home.

Semi flush mount lights are a more decorative alternative to flush mount lights, but generally offer a higher clearance than pendants or chandeliers. The perfect middle ground, semi flush mount lighting is an inspired way to add texture and illumination to spaces like the living room, kitchen, or foyer. Styles range from farmhouse to mid-century modern to traditional.

Recessed lighting is an incredibly effective way to brighten your space without the addition of low-hanging, visually cumbersome fixtures. Often installed in multiples, recessed lights can make your room appear larger and provide a smart solution to hard-to-solve lighting inadequacies. Great for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, living rooms, and just about any other room in your home, recessed lights are the ideal complement to other fixtures.

Track lights are a variable, extraordinary lighting option. Often installed for purposes like spotlighting artwork, shelves, mantels, or kitchen surfaces, track lighting is a functional and gorgeous modern solution.

Ceiling fans combine lighting with airflow for an unbeatable, dual-purpose addition to your home. From windmill-inspired farmhouse designs to light and airy boho styles to simply stunning modern options, a ceiling fan might be just what your space is missing. Incorporate ceiling fans into your bedroom or living room for a layered, chic element.

Create a cohesive look throughout your home with modern ceiling lighting

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating your house, or just updating light fixtures one at a time, modern ceiling lights make a brilliant addition to every space. With the wide range of stylish solutions, you’ll find just what you’re searching for at 2Modern. Curate an eclectic collection of lighting for a one-of-a-kind assortment, or go for an honest, cohesive, well-coordinated look. Opt for black fixtures for its rich sophistication, choose gold lighting for their luxurious and eye-catching tone, or select white lights to keep your home clean and contemporary. Choose from brands like Currey and Company, Generation Lighting, George Kovacs, Hubbardton Forge, Sonneman, and a broad range of other top names. At 2Modern, you’ll find the exceptional quality, designs, and selection your home deserves.