Modern Dining Tables

Top 20 Modern Expandable Dining Tables

The dining table should be a place where you can bond with the ones you love and revel in a day well-spent. Whether you are sharing a fabulous meal you spent hours preparing, or a mountain of take-out from just down the street, our top 20 selections of expandable dining tables inspire nights at home building on traditions, old and new.

Top 20 Contemporary Dining Tables

Whether round, square, or rectangular; wood, metal, or marble, our favorite contemporary dining tables are timeless designs, built to outlast trends and fashion.

Finding the perfect dining table at 2Modern

In today’s home, the dining room is the anchor of the entire house. It’s where your family and friends gather for meals, conversations, and memories. The modern dining table is a frequently-used, highly functional piece of furniture. It’s also an opportunity to express your individual style.

What should I consider when choosing a dining table?

There are a number of features that can make your dining table the most useful, beautiful, and refined piece of furniture in your entire home. Carefully considering each of these qualities can help set your contemporary dining table apart and create the welcoming and elegant environment your dining room deserves.

Shape – Depending on the size of your dining room, the number of family members you want to accommodate, and your personal style, the shape of your table will play a critical role in selecting your table.

  • Round – If your family and/or space are smaller, a round dining table can be the perfect setting for an intimate, meaningful gathering.
  • Square – If your dining space is small,