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Modern Glass Dining Tables

Make a stylish choice for your dining room with a glass table

Glass dining tables are a well-loved choice for the contemporary home. Much like a mirror has the ability to reflect light and give the illusion of a larger space, glass dining tables can have a similar, eye-catching effect. Because they can be more prone to scratches and fingerprints, and because they are inherently fragile, glass tables are well-suited for chic, modern homes - particularly those without young children. Take a look at the wide selection of modern glass dining tables available at 2Modern and you’ll be well on your way to designing an elegant, sophisticated, and stylish dining room.

Deciding on the perfect glass dining room table

One important factor to consider when choosing your new dining table is style. Your own personal style preferences should be clear in every room of your home. Choose a glass top dining table with a geometric base for a unique, modern look. Opt for a design with clean lines to take inspiration from the simplicity of Scandinavian style. Choose a glass dining table with metal elements to incorporate raw, industrial charm, or a design featuring a warm wooden base for a hint of rustic farmhouse style.

Glass tables come in a number of eye-catching colors. Clear glass is a popular choice for its reflective, transparent qualities, but other colors can be an unexpected addition to your dining room. Black or gray glass add a deep, rich look, while brown or bronze-toned glass bring warmth and charm to your space.

Think about the number of people who live in your home, the scale of your other furniture, and the size of your dining room. These factors are important when deciding on the perfect table size for your home. For single people, couples, small families, or those with limited dining space, a more modest table might be the best option. For larger families, people who love to entertain, and those with expansive dining rooms, a more grand and large table could be the way to go.

Shape is another key feature to consider when shopping for a modern glass dining table. Square and round dining tables work well in limited spaces, and they are an excellent solution for people who don’t need a large number of seats around the table. Oval and rectangular tables tend to be more large-scale, making them well-suited for spacious dining rooms and people requiring plenty of seating in their dining space.

Lastly, consider the features that work best for you and your lifestyle. You might go for an extendable table to accommodate numerous dinner party guests. Tempered glass is a brilliant option because it is heat treated and strong. Outdoor dining tables are an excellent way to show off your impeccable design style in your outdoor space.

Incorporate a glass dining table into your modern dining room

If you’re hoping to curate a gorgeous, unique collection of furniture in your dining room, a glass table is a clear necessity. Pair your beautiful, modern glass dining table with a sideboard, dining benches, and dining chairs to round out the contemporary look in your stunning space. With incredible designs by top names like Knoll, Huppe, Saloom Furniture, and RS Barcelona, you’re sure to find a glass dining table that meets your every need at 2Modern.