Modern Semi Flush Mounted Lighting


Why are semi-flush ceiling lights perfect for a modern home?

Dramatic lighting isn't always about flashy pendants and grand chandeliers. When a more subtle lighting statement is called for, a semi flush ceiling light may just be the answer. Hovering just below the ceiling surface, semi flush ceiling lights may br less showy and conventional than dangling pendant lights and chandeliers, but remain an excellent ambient lighting option for a room or space where ambient lighting is essential.

What is a semi flush ceiling light?

Semi flush ceiling lights are lighting fixtures which, as opposed to pendant lamps and chandeliers, are designed to reside close to the ceiling's surface. Because of their proximity to the ceiling, semi flush mount lighting, depending on its size, can distribute light across a ceiling's surface, casting a broad swathe of illumination down to the room below. Not to be confused with standard flush mount lighting, which is placed directly on the surface of the ceiling, semi flush mount lighting doesn't actually reside on the ceiling's surface, but hangs just below it, suspended by a short stem. The space between light and ceiling creates a slightly different quality of light from standard flush mount lighting.

Where does semi flush mount lighting work best?

Technically, semi flush mount lights can be installed most anywhere and in most any room, but there are certain areas in a home where you'll find them particularly effective. As mentioned earlier, semi flush mount lights produce excellent ambient lighting, so rooms and areas where other kinds of lighting don't make as much sense because of their size and function—bathrooms, kitchens, hallways—are great places for semi flush lighting.

Why would I choose semi flush mount lighting over other kinds of lighting?

A primary reason for choosing a semi flush ceiling light is a low ceiling height. As with general flush mount lighting, semi flush lighting work well in rooms with lower ceilings, where a pendant light or chandelier is simply too large or hangs low enough to be visually obtrusive. In such cases, a semi flush ceiling light may be a more subtle lighting option, but will still provides plenty of light to illuminate a room. Areas that are narrow, small, or awkward, like hallways and corners, are also great places for installing semi flush ceiling lights.

Will I be able to find a stylish semi flush ceiling light?

No doubt, there's always a concern that semi flush mount lights are nowhere near as glamorous as pendant lights and chandeliers, or even table lamps. But while it's true that pendants and chandeliers are undoubtedly attention-getting, there's every reason to believe that semi flush lighting can be just as visually striking. Rather than being utilitarian and adding little esthetic value to a room, today's semi flush mount lighting, if chosen carefully and thoughtfully, can create statements that are every bit as compelling as some of the more traditional lighting fixtures. Today's range of semi flush ceiling light options include technically and visually sophisticated models from the best contemporary designers on the scene. So, if you're in the market for semi flush mount lighting, there are plenty of stylish designs from which choose from.