20 Illuminating Designs for Entryway Lighting

Brighten up your interior space and welcome friends and family to your home with our top selection of lighting designs for the modern entryway.

Entryway Wall Lights

Creating a welcoming entrance involves a range of things, but entryway lighting is surely a key element. Wall lights are a practical solution for even the smallest entryways, and the good news is that no boring wall lights need apply. A dazzling sconce, like the Caboche Wall Light above, lends a jewel-like presence to a home's entrance, dispersing ambient light through its beaded exterior. The handsome Sedo Wall Light by Cerno adds architectural elegance to any space, but makes a particularly striking first impression. And Sonneman's Abstract Panels LED Sconce is so imaginative, guests will be forgiven for mistaking it for art.


Entryway Pendant Lights  

An entryway makes an ideal setting for a statement pendant light—or, better still, a suite of pendant lights. More is more when the pendant light is David Trubridge's Coral Pendant, above, designed to not just illuminate, but cast dramatic shadows on walls and ceiling through its bamboo latticework. Tom Dixon's Etch Pendant is a gleaming metal wonder when suspended alone, but morphs into a dazzling installation when hung in multiples. For a more ethereal touch, it's hard to beat the Moooi Random LED Pendant, a fiberglass sphere that looks as light as a bubble, but up to the task of illuminating an entryway dramatically.


Entryway Table Lamps

Few things complete the styling of an entryway table or credenza like an artful table lamp, ready to project just the right amount of initial light. Why settle for predictable table lamps when gorgeous innovations, like the FLOS Copycat Table Lamp, above, a refined composition of two barely touching spheres, makes such a beguiling, glowing statement? When a bit of retro-inspired lighting is called for, the Panthella Mini Table Lamp from Louis Poulsen turns the clock back beautifully; and Mid Century design cred will never be in doubt when the brilliant GUBI Cobra Table Lamp rears its head.


Entryway Chandeliers

When a grand entryway statement is called for, a modern chandelier remains the obvious answer. Ravishing contemporary designs, like the steely 2097 Chandelier from FLOS and Patricia Urquiola's sparkling Caboche Chandelier for Foscarini, will undoubtedly induce guests to look up in slack-jawed wonder, while the bubbly FLOS Taraxacum Pendant by Achille Castiglione still manages to wow, 30 years after its initial arrival. The Sonneman Grapes Multi Pendant, in contrast, is a delicate , but no less dramatic entryway lighting choice, thanks to an exquisite dangling arrangement of polished chrome and solid crystal.