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Modern Outdoor Sofas

Compose a stylish outdoor living room with a pair of modern outdoor sofas. Comfortable and elegant designs, created to weather the elements beautifully, comprise our selection of outdoor sofas by Blu Dot, Barlow Tyrie, Kartell and Vondom.

What’s a comfortable and inviting outdoor space without a terrific modern outdoor sofa? When it comes to outdoor décor, few pieces of furniture project summertime comfort like an outdoor couch or sofa—while few pieces of furniture can replicate the look and feel of indoor rooms as effectively as contemporary outdoor sofas. If you’re in the market for a sofa or outdoor sectional, be sure to answer the following key questions before you make a final purchase.

Why do I want a contemporary outdoor sofa?

Outdoor sofas are excellent seating, especially if comfort is key, but they are not necessarily the best seating option for every outdoor space because of the amount of square footage they demand. Obviously, if space is at a premium, an outdoor sectional or patio sofa is hardly the most practical option. So, before you decide that a contemporary outdoor couch is for you, make sure that it’s the optimal seating option for your specific space. And, even if it is the right option, size-wise, think about whether it makes sense for your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re more apt to use your patio or deck for dining, rather than lounging, does investing in a patio sofa make sense? Thinking carefully about how you plan to use your space is the surest way to prevent purchasing furniture—outdoor couches, included—that may look handsome, but don’t necessarily suit your needs.

Is a modern outdoor sofa the best furniture investment for my budget?

A contemporary outdoor sofa—weather it’s a couch or outdoor sectional sofa—will typically cost you more than other types of outdoor seating, for good reason. The size, construction and upholstery of outdoor sofas are considerably more complex than that of an occasional chair or table, and will most likely be the most expensive single item in your outdoor space. So, it makes sense that if you do opt for an outdoor couch or sectional, that you place it in the context of your budget. If your budget is limited, an outdoor couch may not be the best way to spend your dollars, and you may consider other seating options for your patio or deck.

Can I have a comfortable outdoor space without an outdoor sofa?

Absolutely. While an outdoor sectional or a couple of contemporary outdoor couches definitely up the ante in terms of comfort, there are several other types of seating options—cushioned occasional chairs, a chaise lounge—that can help create just as comfortable and inviting an outdoor space as a contemporary outdoor sofa can. So, when it comes to outdoor décor, there’s a whole range of seating options that, depending on the size of your space and how you typically use your space, can yield the kind of inspired outdoor space you’re after.