Modern Outdoor Sofas

How to Create a Romantic Outdoor Dining Area

Indulge your romantic side by creating an alluring dining area in your own backyard.

7 Outdoor Dining Room Ideas to Set the Scene

With the welcoming signs of warmer weather approaching, its time to move mealtime outdoors. With our curated list of outdoor dining room ideas ready to craft a beautiful backyard setting, building your own chic and welcoming alfresco dining space is well within reach.

How An Outdoor Sofa Creates a Modern Entertaining Lounge Area

What's a comfortable and inviting outdoor space without a terrific modern outdoor sofa? When it comes to outdoor décor, few pieces of furniture project summertime comfort like an outdoor couch or sofa— creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for entertaining family and friends or enjoying on your own. Using a sofa to create a modern outdoor entertainment area also can be seen as an extension of the interior of your home, making the most of your outdoor space all season long. At 2Modern, our wide selection of outdoor sofas in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and color options means you can replicate your interior style and ensure proper flow throughout your space. Pair your outdoor sofa with a plush outdoor area rug, weather-resistant side and outdoor coffee tables, and some lush greenery for a beautiful spot to sit and enjoy year-round or all season long. 

Choosing Which Modern Outdoor Sofa Is Right For You

When choosing a new modern outdoor sofa, you want to take into consideration several factors including size, shape, color, and material. First, determine the location your outdoor sofa will live in, is it a large poolside patio? Back deck? Or a compact front porch? This helps to determine the size of the sofa you need from a chic settee to a spacious sectional. Location also helps to determine the material you choose for your outdoor sofa. Contemporary and avant garde designs crafted from molded polyethylene always look great poolside or as part of a garden gathering area – thanks to their UV-resistance and lightweight construction.

For incredibly sunny areas, a plush outdoor sofa wrapped in Sunbrella fabric means you won't scorch yourself on metal arms, while teak and metal frames work equally well in lakeside patios, country courtyards, or poolside pagodas. Lastly, consider the color you want your outdoor sofa to be. A charming neutral like black, white, gray, beige, or brown works well with all outdoor spaces and easily blends with any aesthetic. For a more eye-catching design, opt for a bold color or pattern to bring a whimsical touch to a city roof deck or welcoming front porch.

What Else to Think About When Buying Modern Outdoor Couches

Outdoor sofas are excellent seating, especially if comfort is key, but they are not necessarily the best seating option for every outdoor space because of the amount of square footage they demand. Obviously, if space is at a premium, an outdoor sectional or patio sofa is hardly the most practical option. So, before you decide that a contemporary outdoor couch is for you, make sure that it's the optimal seating option for your specific space. And, even if it is the right option, size-wise, think about whether it makes sense for your lifestyle. For instance, if you're more apt to use your patio or deck for dining, rather than lounging, does investing in a patio sofa make sense? Thinking carefully about how you plan to use your space is the surest way to prevent purchasing furniture—outdoor couches, included—that may look handsome, but don't necessarily suit your needs.

Modern Outdoor Sofa FAQs

  • Is a Modern Outdoor Sofa the Best Furniture Investment For My Budget?

A contemporary outdoor sofa—whether it's a couch or outdoor sectional sofa—will typically cost you more than other types of outdoor seating, for good reason. The size, construction and upholstery of outdoor sofas are considerably more complex than that of an occasional chair or table, and will most likely be the most expensive single item in your outdoor space. So, it makes sense that if you do opt for an outdoor couch or sectional, that you place it in the context of your budget. If your budget is limited, an outdoor couch may not be the best way to spend your dollars, and you may consider other seating options for your patio or deck like a pair of rocking or adirondack chairs, or a cozy, solid bench.

  • What is the Most Durable Material for Outdoor Sofas?

Any outdoor sofa with a metal frame is going to be your best bet for durability as it can stand up to harsh climates and weather without issue. Plush sofas wrapped in Sunbrella fabric can stand up to intense sun, heat, and rain, but will need to be covered or have their cushions brought inside during intense rain or snowstorms. Molded polyethylene or recycled plastic sofas can stand up to sun and weather incredibly well, are low-maintenance and recyclable at the end of their life cycle.

  • How to Clean an Outdoor Patio Sofa?

To remove dirt and grime from your outdoor modern sofa, first house down the entire frame or sofa (removing cushions if applicable) then mix together a mild dish soap with warm water and gently rub major spots and then hose off again to remove any soap residue. Let furniture and cushions dry in the sun fully before using again.