5 Quick Ways to Create a More Eco-Friendly Home

Even without the means to go entirely green, a few conscientious tactics can help towards composing a more eco-friendly home.

1. Buy well-made furniture.

If the idea of a complete 'green' makeover is overwhelming, fear not. Even without the means (or energy) to overhaul an entire living space, a few strategic moves can help towards creating a thoughtful, attractive, and considerably more eco-friendly home. Begin with more conscientious furniture buying. Modern furniture crafted from sustainable materials, like the clean, North American hardwoods used by Copeland Furniture, or the near indestructible recycled aluminum used by Emeco, are ideal furniture finds. But if the most stellar eco credentials are beyond reach, invest in well-made, long-lasting, timeless furniture that transcends seasons and trends—and flies in the face of a throwaway culture.  


2. Embrace energy-saving lighting & ceiling fans.

LED lighting is no longer a novel concept, but don't assume all lamps are energy efficient, by default. When choosing pendant lights, sconces, floor lamps, and even landscaping lighting, keep energy efficiency top of mind. California's Cerno and Finland's Secto Design are two contemporary design brands leading the way towards elegant LED lighting, gracefully illustrating the evolution of a sustainable, nuanced light source. Innovative ceiling fans are a sensible and visually appealing choice over central air during the summer months. Requiring considerably less energy than air conditioning, cutting-edge designs, like Modern Forms Smart Fans, allow for remote fan control, syncing up with digital devices for convenience, and to eliminate wasteful energy costs.