Modern Wall Art


How Modern Wall Art Can Highlight Your Room Decor

No matter what interior decor style your home may be, wall art and wall decor plays an important part in crafting the overall aesthetic and highlighting both the architecture and structure of your home. Modern wall art and decor works to fill empty spaces within your home and bring life and excitement to your walls. You can select designs from favorite local artists, decorative mirrors that blend with your design scheme, or even sculptural metal designs that add dimension and intrigue to your space. Leave some wall space open for proper balance, especially in tight spaces such as small bathrooms, kitchens, and guest bedrooms, but utilize larger, main walls to show off your art collection. 2Modern has a varied selection of wall art and wall decor designs that can effortlessly mesh with any design scheme including coastal modern, industrial modern, farmhouse modern, and even Scandinavian. With many pieces to choose from including abstract wall art, small wall art pieces, and large wall art pieces, you are sure to find the perfect design to suit your beautiful home.

Choosing Which Modern Wall Art Is Right For You

First, decide what interior design scheme you are going for. Is it coastal, farmhouse modern, glam, Scandinavian, or industrial? These design trends have different aesthetics that will lend better insight into the art you should choose for your wall. For farmhouse and Scandinavian, more rustic-inspired pieces with solid wood accents or natural wood frame brings warmth and charm, whereas an industrial space benefits from sleek metal designs and city-inspired art to bring loft-style living to your space. Secondly, decide what size the wall art should be based on the space you are looking to decorate. If it's a long hallway, multiple pieces of art, or a triptych style piece of art works well to cover the expanse and length of the hallway. Above master beds, guest beds, and even sofas, one large piece of art makes for an impressive and eye-catching focal point, while a collage wall of smaller photos, art, and designs can be equally as impressive and add tons of character. Lastly, don’t be afraid to try something new. An abstract wall art piece can work in a variety of spaces, while framed maps and prints look great in bathrooms, office spaces, and lounge areas. Art should make you feel happy and look great on display, so peruse our selection of fabulous wall art designs to find a new favorite for your space at home.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Wall Art

When looking to buy modern wall art, the aesthetic of your home is most important, but you also should be purchasing a design that inspires you, makes you happy, or is just downright beautiful in your space. From modern abstract art, to landscape designs, to cubist portraits, whatever you love the most, is the best choice for you and your space. Here at 2Modern we have a wonderful selection of wall art designs to pair with any interior design scheme ready to make your home your favorite place to be.

Modern Wall Art FAQs

  • Should you have art on every wall?

The key to every interior design is balance, which means that when it comes to hanging pictures, wall art, or mirrors on the wall, you don’t need to fill every inch with a design. In fact, empty wall space can be used as a crucial design element to enhance your décor and create your very own masterpiece. Wall art works to reinforce your overall aesthetic and design choice while making empty space more dynamic and attractive and should add depth and warmth to your space without overcrowding or being too small.

  • How can I display my art at home?

Your chosen wall art designs can be displayed in a variety of ways to either make them the focal point of your space or blend in with the overall design scheme. Larger wall art designs typically should be hung within the center of a room behind a sofa, above a headboard, or near a seating group to draw attention and show off the design. Both large and small wall art pieces can benefit from a spotlight or display light that allows you to see the full design no matter what time of day. Looking for a different way to display? Lean your favorite wall art design against a wall above a fireplace mantel and surround it with vases, candle holders, or other decor for an eye-catching decor display.

  • How do you show modern art?

There are several ways to show modern art within your home. You can create a gallery wall with multiple pieces of art, photos, or paintings, to create a dynamic wall that brings your home to life. Using floating shelves on empty walls can display artwork in a more minimalist way and pair it with other decor from your world travels. Or forget the wall altogether and lean artwork up against walls, on top of dressers and cabinets to rearrange easily whenever your space needs refreshing and to save your walls from any damage or distress.