Modern Metal Art

How to Create a Modern Gallery Wall

If the idea of a gallery wall of your own seems like an out-of-reach goal, think again. With motivation, determination, and a few helpful tips, creating a personal display of your own art collection is as simple as selecting, framing, and hanging!

Top 20 Dining Room Wall Decor Designs

From a simple leather-wrapped mirror to a full-fledged geometric accent wall design, wall decor is an essential part of your dining room ensemble. We’ve curated our Top 18 Dining Room Wall Decor Designs with something for everyone–from hand-woven tapestries to abstract temporary wallpaper–so you can keep things simple , or turn up the drama (your walls will thank you!).

Why Choose Modern Metal Art

Modern metal art is as diverse as it is beautiful. These pieces of art range anywhere from modern geometric shapes to contemporary takes on vintage imagery or pieces fitting for contemporary museums of modern art. When you incorporate modern metal art into your home, you can decide on your interpretation of modern style, how bold of a statement you want to make, and what subject you want to be the focus of your artwork. With so many options to choose from, there are endless reasons why modern metal art is ideal for today’s homes.

How Modern Metal Wall Art Can Highlight Your Room Decor 

Modern metal art can highlight your room’s decor by using a similar color palette and finish, but the focus of the art can also connect to the other decor. If your room features abstract designs elsewhere, then your modern metal wall art can highlight the same contemporary style. The materials of your modern metal wall art can also connect to other elements of the room to create a cohesive space. If your room features other metals like gold, silver, or bronze, connect that to your artwork. By looking for similarities in the room’s accents, you can tie them together thematically and stylistically. If you decorate with the mindset of creating a cohesive style, you will naturally choose pieces that work together and allow each one to shine as essential parts of the room’s grand design.

Choosing Which Modern Metal Art Is Right For You

When choosing modern metal art, it is important to realize just how expansive that category is. Modern style is often blended with other interior design branches such as modern farmhouse, mid century modern, modern boho, and industrial styles. These variations allow you to choose the direction of your modern metal art through the subject(s) that it conveys, if it features abstract designs or geometric shapes, or what metallic tones are included in the art. Even within modern metal art, you will find other materials like wood to create a unique aesthetic and blend of styles.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Metal Art

Modern metal wall art and general metal art do not have to be paired with purely metallic decor. If your art ties into another style, like modern farmhouse, you can incorporate wood wall art and wood decor into the space. In these situations, even with the materials so different from one another, the space will work because of its similar thematic elements. Other styles of art to pair with modern metal art include lighted wall art, industrial wall art, and mid century modern art. Since modern metal art is so diverse in its subject matters and structure, you can choose your favorite elements and pair the art with a variety of different accents, materials, and styles.