Modern Wall Fans

4 Types of Ceiling Fans To Consider

Cool down your home in the warmer months and circulate air year round with our stylish selection of ceiling fans offering a variety of styles to suit your home design scheme.

12 Summer-Ready Ceiling Fans

Energy efficient and visually striking, modern ceiling fans are an ideal way to cool things down in summer, while circulating air evenly during the cooler months. Our favorite ceiling fans include both indoor and outdoor designs featuring cutting-edge technology, innovative materials and eye-catching beauty.

Modern wall fans bring a practical touch to your well-appointed home

When contemplating the summer months, a modern wall fan might not spring to mind immediately, but it's worth noting that wall mounted fans are both a practical and energy efficient way to achieve a cool and comfortable temperature inside your house when the outside temperature starts to rise. Fortunately, there's no shortage of stylish and visually edifying wall fans on the market, but should you decide to purchase one, do so with the following considerations in mind:

Why should I buy a modern wall fan?

Fans—whether ceiling fans or contemporary wall mounted fans—bring their own ambience to a space, adding a breezy, tropical vibe that's particularly attractive when the days turn warm and humid. While wall fans are not as common as ceiling fans, there are specific reasons that they may be a better option than ceiling, floor, or table fans.

Practically speaking, when space is at a premium, and a floor or table fan is out of the question, a wall mount fan is an ideal solution. Affixed onto an otherwise unused part of a room, a modern wall mounted fan provides the same benefits that any other kind of fan does, but does so without taking up as much real estate. A modern wall mount fan can also be an option if your ceilings are too low for a ceiling fan, or if you have a particularly narrow space or awkward corner into which a modern wall fan can cool down efficiently.

What should I look for in a contemporary wall fan for my home?

When shopping for wall mounted fans, there are a few key considerations on which to focus. Firstly, the proper size is essential. An oversized fan, in relation to square footage, can be both visually unsightly and overkill in terms of functionality, so make sure you opt for a wall mounted fan, that the size makes sense for the space. Secondly, an oscillating modern wall fan—one that moves back and forth at a steady speed—is also essential. Ideally, a wall mount oscillating fan should distribute cool or warm air evenly across an area at a steady cadence that feels unobtrusive.

Be conscious of Energy Start ratings, which are assigned to fans that are most energy-efficient. As mentioned earlier, fans are more eco friendly than air conditioning units, so if you decide to install a modern wall mount fan, it makes sense to consider its energy efficiency rating. Once you've settled on the size, oscillation features and the efficiency of wall fans, you can then turn your eye to esthetic elements—like color, materials, and other design features—that are also important to integrating wall mounted fans into your overall design scheme.

Are modern wall fans good long-term investments?

Absolutely. Fans of any kind are not necessarily permanent objects, but ones that can be moved from room to room or taken with you when you leave. Owing to its relatively modest size, a modern wall fan, in particular, is both versatile and portable, allowing you to install or re-install it from one room or space to another—and, if the need arises, to take it with you should you leave permanently. So, when shopping for wall mounted fans, think of them as more than site-specific objects. Think of fans as having many practical applications within your home.