Modern Credenzas


Why Choose a Modern Credenza?

Versatile and endlessly functional, a modern credenza is an excellent choice for any dining or living space thanks to its visual appeal and storage and display potential. Used for storage and decor display and available in a wide variety of styles, credenzas are the perfect addition to a dining room to keep dinnerware and flatware stored away, but also make for a great accent piece in an entryway, hallway, or living room. Known to be more formal than a sideboard or buffet, credenzas typically feature short or no legs and often have glass doors and flexible shelving. Smaller in size than typical buffets or sideboards, credenzas are ideal for dining and living spaces of all sizes thanks to their streamlined form and clever storage design. Available in a range of colors, sizes, shapes, and materials, credenzas can also act as a beautiful decor piece, blending with or standing out against your current dining room furniture and creating a beautiful design scheme.

How Do I Choose the Perfect Credenza?

To find the right credenza, consider a few key features:


  • Choose a Scandinavian design for a straightforward storage solution. A Scandi credenza will offer clean lines, simplicity, and supreme functionality.
  • Use a mid-century modern credenza to reimagine retro style. Mid-century modern designs typically feature natural colors, interesting details, and plenty of eye-catching flair.
  • Incorporate a modern piece to let your contemporary style take center stage. Modern credenzas are conversational and chic.


  • Opt for a wood credenza for timeless, natural appeal. Choose between oak, walnut, teak, and more perfect for Scandinavian, farmhouse, and mid-century modern spaces.
  • A metal credenza, or one with metal accents, can bring a touch of industrial appeal to your room. Metal is a sturdy, substantial, and contemporary choice.
  • Select a credenza with glass doors or shelves for a glamorous, luxurious look. A clear glass top adds a subtle layer of texture, while mirrored doors make a sophisticated, reflective statement fit for an art deco or Hollywood glam space.


  • Use a handsome, black credenza for a rich, modern take on storage.
  • Choose a gray piece to add a hint of contemporary charm.
  • Go for neutral brown tones to bring warmth and depth into your farmhouse space.
  • Add a white credenza to your home and enjoy the clean, bright look.
  • A tan credenza can help add that classic mid-century or Scandinavian look.

Modern Credenza FAQs

  • What is a Credenza?

A credenza is a piece of highly efficient and stylish storage furniture. Popularly used in the dining room, credenzas are the ideal place to store your fine china, holiday serveware, table linens, and so much more. Credenzas are also a smart storage solution for your office, living room, or entryway.

In addition to the generous amount of storage, a credenza is also an unbeatable opportunity for personalization. The surface area on top provides plenty of space for displaying décor, and it is also useful as a serving space during buffet-style dinner parties or big, holiday meals.

  • What is the Difference Between a Credenza and a Sideboard?

Though the terms are often used interchangeably, credenzas and sideboards are slightly different from one another. Sideboards and credenzas both feature abundant storage space, a low profile, and an elongated design. They are both incredibly useful, practical furniture pieces.

Sideboards can be distinguished from credenzas because they often have cabinets extending to the floor, and they may also feature a hutch for additional storage. You might also see a credenza labeled as a buffet, console, or server. Credenzas tend to have short or no feet and be lower to the ground than a buffet, with a more streamlined and compact frame perfect for smaller dining and living spaces. 

  • What Do You Put Inside a Credenza?

A modern credenza offers ample space to store a myriad of objects. Depending on which room you are choosing to use your new credenza in, it can hold dishes, flatware, and serving pieces in your dining room, electronics, throw blankets, and favorite books in your living room, or even be part of an entryway vignette corralling all of your out-the-door essentials into one location for easy access during your daily routine. In essence, you can put anything that needs a space to be stored inside of a credenza. Some may come with adjustable shelves to accommodate items of varying height and some may come with drawers and display spaces to display or stow your favorite pieces away. 

  • Can You Use a Credenza in a Living Room?

The versatility of a credenza is endless, meaning it can absolutely be used in a living room as an ideal storage solution or even as a multifunctional media cabinet. Your credenza can hold various electronics, media, vinyl and more, keeping your living space organized and clutter-free. Look for credenzas with cable management holes if looking to top with a TV or decorate with stylish table lamps, scented candles and a sleek tray to hold various odds and ends.