Modern Office Organization

5 Neat Tricks For Keeping Your Home Office Organized

Achieving workspace nirvana is easier than you think. Create a visually inspiring space and master home office organization with these 5 simple steps.

10 Ideas For Creating A Productive Office Space

Transform any room into the organized and productive office of your dreams with our top furniture, lighting, and decor selections designed for a modern work space.

How Organizing your Office Can Help You Focus

There is nothing worse than working from home and constantly being distracted by outside factors that seem to always get in the way. One thing you can control is the organization of your office and by keeping things clean and clutter-free, your focus is sure to be back on track and more productive than ever. Ensuring that every tool, material, and accent has its place within your office ensures that your desktop, floor, and other surfaces stay clean, organized and fully functional. When your space is organized, there is a better sense of calm, positive energy, and drive to succeed. You’ll feel ready to greet the day and get your work done without feeling bogged down by a messy environment and cluttered workspace. At 2Modern we offer a wide variety of modern office organization designs to keep your at-home office or work space well kept, with everything easily accessible and at your fingertips. From stylish filing cabinets with spaces for electronics, office supplies, and books to desktop accessories ready to hold pencils, papers, and more, we’ve got you completely covered to build the well-organized and stylish contemporary office space of your dreams.

What Do I Need to Organize My Office?

In order to best organize your office or workspace, there are several key pieces that come in handy to ensure you are efficiently utilizing space as best as possible without wasting precious square footage and making room for everything you need to get the job done. Desktop organization pieces like trays, bowls, cups, and letter holders keep your physical work area clean and clutter-free. If space allows, a cabinet is a great piece to hold everything from files and electronics, to pens and office snacks. Don’t forget to take advantage of your wall space too. A cork board or white board is always a great addition to an office space to write down ideas, post work samples, or organize your next marketing agenda. Lastly, make sure you always have a place to throw things away. Whether its crumpled paper, old rubber bands, or last night’s takeout for lunch, having a wastebasket under your desk means you can keep your space clean and get back to the task at hand. Lastly, have fun with your space. Bring in art work, framed photos, colorful flowers, and more to spice things up and bring the energy you need to get through the day.

How to Organize Your Office Space

For your desktop, organization pieces such as storage trays, bookends, letter holders, and more get the job done and keep everything neat and tidy for your workday. A well-organized desktop has to be equipped with plenty of storage itself to hold all the necessities. Look for spacious desk designs outfitted with storage drawers and/or shelves to ensure you have even more room to keep pencils, batteries, or secret snacks stashed away. If your favorite desk is without storage, a storage unit or filing cabinet comes in handy to take on the responsibilities. A multifunctional cabinet that keeps you organized and holds electronics like your printer, scanner, and more means you’ll have everything at your fingertips for your best day at work. And don’t forget about lighting, we have a fantastic selection of desk lamps outfitted with USB ports and wireless charging capabilities to make sure your electronics are always juiced up and ready to go. Multifunctional pieces like this, save even more space and streamline your office for the 21st century.

Modern Office Organization

  • How do you organize your office for maximum productivity?

To be completely organized for the most productive day ahead, modern office organization pieces are key to keeping a tidy workspace and beneficial office layout. Embrace white space for a clean and minimalist space and don’t go overboard with knick knacks and tchotchkes that will be distracting or get in the way. When in doubt, keep things as simple as possible, so you have optimal flow and total productivity.

  • How do you organize a small office area?

When everything has its own place, keeping things organized is easy. Store all of your office supplies in containers, drawers, baskets, and bins, keeping them out of sight, for a decluttered look. Utilize wall space as much as possible to reserve precious square footage for furniture pieces and keep everything from reminders, calendars, and to-do lists at eye-level and right in front of you. Lastly, take advantage of multifunctional furniture pieces that do double duty without taking up much more space like stools that double as side tables, cabinets that hold printers, and so much more.

  • How do I organize my desk without a drawer?

If your desk does not have any sort of drawers to keep things organized, utilize desktop trays and organizers to keep everything in its place and at the ready. A wall-mounted organization system like the Uten.Silo doesn’t take up any floor space and has a nook and cranny for every office tool and supplies possible.