10 Ideas For Creating A Productive Office Space

Transform any room into the organized and productive office of your dreams with our top furniture, lighting, and decor selections designed for a modern work space.

Modern Desk Ideas

Modern design spaces rely on clean lines, sleek shapes, and muted tones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with various furniture and decor pieces to get the overall look that you want. A more traditional design like the Otello Complete Corner Desk brings comprehensive workplace setup with an L-shaped configuration and rich wood finish. More streamlined and Scandinavian in style, the Oscar Desk from Ethnicraft is void of any frills or embellishments, but makes for a stunning work surface when paired with a stylish desk chair and tabletop and storage accents.


Modern Standing Desk Ideas

For those who can’t sit still all day long, or those looking for a change of perspective, a standing desk provides ample work space, while freeing up your legs to stretch and ensure proper circulation. Luckily standing desks are available in a wide range of colors, materials, and sizes to effortlessly fit your space and provide the exact accent to match your overall esthetic. For a stylish New York apartment, the Bok Adjustable Desk blends solid wood with a rich black finish for an inherently Scandinavian vibe, while the Renew Sit-to-Stand Table from Herman Miller is a spacious and contemporary classic ready to outfit any space with its adjustable excellence.