Modern Floating Desks

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Why Choose a Modern Floating Desk?

Combining functionality with unmistakable beauty, modern floating desks are a practical, yet aesthetically pleasing option for your home. While perfect for creating a convenient set up for working from home, modern floating desks are also great for creating additional surface space for dining, crafts, displaying decor and more. Whether you are looking to add a workspace to a bedroom or living room or make the most of a small apartment without sacrificing on square footage, modern floating desks provide a stylish space to get things done.

Choosing Which Modern Floating Desk Is Right For You

Available in a wide range of sizes, materials, and finish options, select a modern floating desk that blends well with your surrounding furniture and color scheme. A rich natural solid wood design is perfect for a rustic farmhouse or Scandinavian space, while a mix of metal and wood can work great in an industrial-style loft or a contemporary abode. Be sure to install the desk at the perfect height allowing you enough space underneath to pair with an ergonomic desk chair for a comfortable and productive spot to crush that 9 to 5.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Floating Desk

While some modern floating desks can come equipped with compact storage options like drawers or small open shelves, most are fairly simple and may require the addition of a rolling storage cabinet if you’re in need of keeping supplies and files closeby. Adding in a matching storage piece can create a beautiful and well-organized home office or workspace.

Modern Floating Desks FAQs

  • What is a Floating Desk?

A floating desk is a piece of furniture that is wall-mounted to create a surface or tabletop that can be used for working, crafting, eating, or any other activity in which a tabletop is necessary. Floating desks are typically used in place of traditional desks because they take up less room thanks to not having any legs or structure below the tabletop.

  • How High Should a Floating Desk Be?

With the standard desk height being 30 inches, you should mount your modern floating desk to be between 28-30 inches or whatever is most comfortable for you while you are seated in the office chair of your choice. Your wrists should be able to comfortably rest on the desk’s surface without reaching up to ensure proper ergonomics.

  • How Much Weight Can a Floating Desk Support?

Most modern floating desks can support a weight of 50 to 100 pounds, but many factors come into play including the wall it is mounted to, how it is mounted, the material of the desk itself.