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Modern High Chairs

Modern baby high chairs are important for safety and comfort

When it comes to taking care of your little one, safety and comfort are of the utmost importance. Modern high chairs allow for your child to sit and eat as part of the family, while remaining safe and snug in a comfortable seated position. From classic designs, to luxury models, and even mid-century modern baby high chairs, you can find the style that is right for you and your child’s needs, while ensuring quality and design remain true.

Frequently asked questions about modern baby high chairs

Q: What are the best high chairs?

The best high chairs on the market have a combination of qualities that make them worth the investment. The top factors are durability, safety, and style. Making the investment in a wooden high chair means you are able to pass it down for many years, should you plan on having a large family. The best high chairs should have a 3 or 5 point harness, stability, and locking position if it has wheels, this ensures your child’s comfort as well as your own. Lastly of course, high chairs come in a variety of styles and colors to blend with your design scheme and match your lifestyle. Choose one that is a combination of all of these components and you’ll be

Q: How do I choose a high chair?

Take your space and dining arrangement into consideration. If you are in a smaller space and eat most meals at a tiny table, a booster-style seat that straps to the chair or clips onto the table may be a great option. If you have a larger table or live in a home with a variety of eating areas, then a standalone high chair, complete with its own tray, that can be moved about your space is the right option for you. Ideally a high chair will be a blend of form and function, but for those parents who prefer to spend less time cleaning tons of nooks and crannies, a simple, straightforward model with easy-to-clean pieces is the way to go.

Q: Do I really need a high chair?

Yes. While you’ll be nursing or bottle feeding for the first six months or so, high chairs are both a convenient and safe seating option for your child. They properly position your little one in an upright position for eating, ensuring they are comfortable and contained when they first start enjoying solid food. A high-quality option can also be seen as an investment if you think you will want to have more than one child as it can be passed down for many years of use. 2Modern also offers options that grow with your child from infant to toddler and beyond, so you are able to get years of mileage out of a single seat.

Q: What age do you stop using a high chair?

While there is no exact age a child should move away from using a high chair, typically they are ready anywhere between 18 months and 3 years of age. As long as they are able to keep themselves steady and upright for a long period of time, they can safely transition to a regular dining chair, which can be eased with the use of a booster seat.

Q: Do high chairs expire?

The short answer is yes. While there is no specific timeline for when a high chair expires, you should take into consideration the safety level and durability of the chair to ensure it is still meeting expectations and going to be a comfortable and acceptable option for your child. If it is missing a harness or safety strap, a fixed crotch post (so the baby can’t escape through the bottom!), or cracked or broken in any spot, then it may be time to look into finding a more suitable and lasting option.