Modern Office Storage


Make space with modern office storage

Of the many office furniture purchases you make, office storage will undoubtedly rank somewhere at the top. Essential for office organization and, consequently, a productive work environment, proper office storage is an investment that you’re not likely to regret making. And because the modern office often resides inside the home, a modern file cabinet or a pair of filing cabinets has become imperative for organization. The good news is that the days of commercial and utilitarian office storage is long gone, making a stylish modern file cabinet or two as exciting to shop for as any other piece of modern furniture.

What kind of modern file cabinet is best?

Filing cabinets come in two basic profiles—vertical and horizontal—and which kind makes most sense for you depends on how large your space is, and what your office organization needs are. If floor space is at a premium, vertical storage will be the optimal choice, occupying a small footprint while still providing you with ample storage for papers and correspondence.

More compact home office storage can be acquired by selecting a small filing cabinet that fits under a desk, for instance, making the most of a small space while adding to already existing desk storage. If space is not a major consideration, a horizontal modern file cabinet may be well suited to your needs, and offer a bit more functional (and esthetic) versatility. Horizontal storage has the advantage of being a dual-purpose modern office furniture piece, providing office organization space inside as well as on its large surface area, where books, magazines, and other media can reside.

Is a credenza a good office storage solution?

Yes. Credenzas are incredibly versatile furniture pieces, bearing elegant profiles that may disguise their office organization capabilities under more generic detailing that makes them well suited to other rooms in the home—including dining room or bedroom. Low profile, by definition, and typically elegant, the modern credenza is a staple of mid century modern interiors, designed for ample storage without detracting from a room’s overall design scheme. Credenzas are ideal additions to the modern office, capable of acting as filing cabinets or general office organization furniture.

Can modern office storage be used in any room?

Without a doubt, versatility is a key to timeless modern office storage, and with the number of smart options available today, there’s no reason to settle for modern office furniture that looks obviously office specific, whether it’s filing cabinets, chairs, or any other office furniture. Look for modern office pieces with elegant detailing that makes them stylish enough to be used as bedside storage, for instance, or consider a mid-sized modern credenza, which can easily do duty as media cabinet in the home theatre. Whether buying for office, bedroom, or dining room, the key to quality furniture as long-term investment is to think beyond your immediate needs, and to buy with the future as well as present in mind.