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Why Choose Modern Bookcases?

Ideal for storage and display, modern bookcases are a great addition to any space in your home. Great for blending aesthetic and functionality, modern bookcases work perfectly in a living room, dining room, bedroom, or home office space. At 2Modern we have a wide range of bookcase designs from contemporary to mid-century modern to suit your space and provide a chic and decorative spot to store essentials and put your favorite pieces on display. Available in a wide range of sizes, colors, materials, and styles, our selection of modern bookcases are ready to keep your space organized while elevating the overall look of your room. 

Choosing Which Modern Bookshelf Is Right For You 

Whether bold and contemporary or delicate and Scandinavian, modern bookshelves come in a wide variety of styles to effortlessly suit your space and your design needs. When deciding on which modern bookshelf is right for you, you want to consider several key factors. First, select the right size for your space. Is a short bookshelf best to fill the space on a smaller wall, or would you like two taller bookshelves to fill either side of a living room fireplace or dining room sideboard. Maybe you’re looking for a more space-saving design that fits perfectly into a corner or is wall-mounted? For storing tons of books, multiple open shelves are best for easy access and eye-catching display, while bookshelves outfitted with drawers or doors are great for both storage and displaying things like statues, vases, or potted plants. Lastly, consider material. For a farmhouse or Scandinavian-inspired space, opt for solid wood in a natural, light, or dark finish. For mid-century modern, a metal or wood design with splayed legs and geometric shelves fits the bill. For art deco or contemporary spaces, look for chic acrylic designs accented with brass for the perfect storage solution. 

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Bookcase?

There are more styles of bookcases than you think, so when looking for the perfect piece for your home, you want to consider which style works best for your space. There are Etagere bookcases which are intended more for display than for pure function – perfect for displaying framed photos, art pieces, and favorite vinyl. Scaffold bookshelves are handsome and industrial with a metal frame and wood shelving, great for industrial or farmhouse modern spaces. Traditional or standard bookshelves are a classic go-to for storage and displaying needs and are the typical tall, rectangular boxes we know and love. Often crafted from wood, these designs suit Scandinavian, mid-century modern, and farmhouse rooms alike. 

Modern Bookcases FAQs 

  • Are Bookcases Out of Date?

While it seems we may have fewer and fewer books lying around, modern bookcases are a great storage option for any home because they can hold so much more than books. Great as an open display for fine china or drinkware, keeping toys organized in a playroom, or even as a gallery wall for potted plants, modern bookcases can be utilized as any form of organization needed to suit your space and your needs. 

  • How to Choose Bookcase Color?

A bookcase color can either match the finish of the other pieces within your room or contrast for a pleasant pop of color. It can never hurt to opt for a neutral colored bookshelf in white, gray, black, or brown as these colors tend to be found in most spaces. If you’re looking for your storage design to stand out, look for colorful options in unique formations to act as both a storage design and eye-catching focal point of your space. 

  • How to Decorate a Modern Bookshelf?

This is the fun part. Once you’ve chosen your ideal bookshelf, you can decorate however you would like. Fill shelves with your favorite novels or designer coffee table books layered with pots overflowing with lush greens, then fill in the gaps with framed photos and singular decor pieces like crystal vases, metal figurines, or unique items you’ve picked up from your global travels.