Modern Shelving

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How Modern Shelving Can Match Your Style

Modern shelving has long been an important style and function addition to living spaces. From home offices and libraries to bedrooms and kid’s play spaces, the addition of modern shelves can add style, ease, and increased functionality to your home. From wooden Scandinavian inspired shelves to marble mid-century modern shelves, you can easily match this storage and display solution to your home’s interior design scheme to keep things cohesive and balanced. Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and materials, 2Modern has a stylish selection of different shelves to choose from to perfectly match your style. Whether adding modern shelving to your bathroom, living room, bedroom, or home bar area, we’ve got the perfect pieces for you to accentuate your space and elevate your home. 

How Modern Shelving Can Help Accentuate Your Rooms' Elegance

If looking to add a large amount of shelving to your space, a large bookcase or wall-mounted shelving unit is best to accommodate tons of books, art, photos, and more while taking up little square footage. For a minimalist look in a smaller space, singular, floating shelves may be your best bet to keep your room uncluttered and add some visual intrigue to your walls. Larger shelving units or bookcases can also be used to divide space in a room and separate areas, defining spaces and establishing boundaries. Look out for modular storage systems as well that can be customized to fit your space and style perfectly, while accommodating all of your favorite books, decor, and items you want on display. 

Are Modern Shelves going Out Of Style?

While modern shelving and open shelving in a kitchen space may no longer be a popular style for modern homes, open shelving is still a very welcomed look in living spaces, offices, and bedrooms. Perfect for storing and displaying your favorite photos, decor, and knick knacks from travels abroad, shelving is an effortless way to stay organized and bring added style and ease to your daily living routine. For an easy addition to your space that can free up floor space, or other storage furniture, install a couple of floating shelves along your wall and top with anything you would like to display or store. Perfect in an office space or at-home work area, floating shelves can hold office or art supplies and keep everything within arms reach. 

Modern Shelving FAQs 

  • Why Are Floating Shelves So Popular?

Floating shelves are an incredibly popular storage solution choice due to the convenience they provide with storing items you frequently use, rather than hiding them away in cabinets or closets. Simple, yet incredibly functional, they can be used in virtually any space and provide additional surface area and storage space where it would normally not be possible to store certain items. 

  • How Deep Should Open Shelves Be? 

If planning on using open shelving in your kitchen, the depth should be a minimum of 12 inches to ensure plenty of space for plates, bowls, utensils and more. If simply using modern shelves as a way to display decor or books, 6-9 inches in depth should store things perfectly and display them with ease. 

  • How Far Apart Should Shelves Be? 

When installing modern shelves in your home, you want to hang them at a height you can reach and is also high enough that nobody will bump into them or hit their heads. A minimum of five feet off the ground is best with 15 inches of space in between each shelf to account for height of what is being stored. Ultimately it is up to you and your vision on how many shelves and where they are placed so you can accommodate all you wish to store and display.