Modern Standing Desks

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Workplace upgrades, like a standing desk, can foster a healthier body and mind—and enhance productivity, in the process.

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What are the benefits of a standing desk?

Standing desks have become more and more popular as people have realized the strain that sitting can cause on your body. With the variety of modern desks available at 2Modern, you can enjoy the benefits of these innovative designs without sacrificing your contemporary style. But what makes a sit-and-stand desk so beneficial to your health?

Standing desks get you onto your feet during those long work hours. Sitting for long periods of time can have a negative impact on your health. With a modern standing desk, you can incorporate a gorgeous design into your office while avoiding medical problems linked with a sedentary lifestyle, including: diabetes, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease & premature death.

When you use a standing desk, you can enjoy health benefits like increased productivity, energy, and alertness. Standing desks are a proactive step toward better health.

Which leading furniture brands make modern standing desks?

2Modern has a stunning selection of stylish, adjustable standing desks. Choose from brands like:

  • Copeland Furniture – Offering contemporary and mid-century modern standing desk styles, Copeland Furniture makes GREENGUARD-certified designs. Choose features like a wire pass, ergonomic cutout for increased comfort, monitor arm, keyboard tray, drawer, and more. Customize your desk by choosing the finishes and size that works best for you and your space.
  • BDI – Combine luxury, refined, modern style, and functionality with a standing desk from BDI. A stunning addition to your office, these designs feature options like a keyboard drawer, modesty panel, and different sizes and finishes. Simple yet chic, BDI standing desks are a smart and beautiful choice.
  • Humanscale – With unique, innovative features, Humanscale offers standing desks like you’ve never seen before. With a modern spin, these designs include optional features like multi-monitor accommodations, a keyboard system, size options, and different finishes. Coordinating your Humanscale sit-stand desk with the rest of your carefully-curated, contemporary office will be a breeze.
  • Vitra – Completely contemporary and unbelievably customizable, Vitra offers adjustable desks with a number of options. Choose the colors and finishes, size, and accessories that best suit your needs. With an abundance of straightforward and sleek appeal, Vitra standing desks are right at home in the modern office.

What else can I do to make my office environment healthier and more comfortable?

You spend a large percentage of your week at work. Your office should be a comfortable, inspiring, and healthy environment. Complementing your standing desk with other helpful elements can help you create a more enjoyable and beneficial atmosphere in the office.

If you choose to take a sit-and-stand approach to the work day, an ergonomic task or office chair is the ideal way to avoid the discomfort and poor posture that many office chairs tend to cause. A unique stool provides the perfect middle ground between sitting and standing throughout the day. A foot rocker provides maximum comfort, helps with circulation, stimulates the muscles in your lower leg, and relieves pressure on your lower back.

Completing the look in your modern office with décor that speaks to your personal style. Incorporate planters, a clock, trays, organizers, and so much more with the variety of décor and desk accessories available at 2Modern. Don’t choose between comfort and style – at 2Modern, you can have it all.