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Copeland Furniture Invigo Standing Desk with Drawer

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Invigo Standing Desk with Drawer Top Finish option Natural Walnut Invigo Standing Desk with Drawer Top Finish option Smoke Cherry Invigo Standing Desk with Drawer Top Finish option Natural Cherry Invigo Standing Desk with Drawer Top Finish option Soaped Ash Invigo Standing Desk with Drawer Top Finish option Weathered Ash Invigo Standing Desk with Drawer Top Finish option Seared Ash Invigo Standing Desk with Drawer Top Finish option Taupe Ash Invigo Standing Desk with Drawer Top Finish option Sand Ash
Invigo Standing Desk with Drawer Base Color option Black Invigo Standing Desk with Drawer Base Color option White
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  • Product Information

    Invigo is a highly configurable series of sit to stand desks that can be specified in a range of sizes and finishes. Built on a high quality three-stage, dual motor lift base with three programmable positions, Invigo desks raise from 25" to 51" inches in height. Desks may be fitted with a variety of wire management, storage, decorative and computer accessories.


    • Invigo Collection
    • Natural variations in solid wood and hand-applied finishes make each piece unique
    • Finely crafted using time-tested joinery and construction method ensures that all the joinery is clean, flush, and smooth to the touch
    • Varnish is resistant to stains, moisture rings, heat damage and abrasions
    • GREENGUARD Certified for low chemical emissions
    • Arrive fully assembled in plug and play condition
    • Dual motor sit-stand desks tend to operate smoother and can accommodate a greater load
    • Incorporating periods of standing into your daily routine can reduce risk factors obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer
    • In addition to health benefits, workers who use sit-stand desks have been shown to be more alert, energetic and productive
    • Call for custom configurations - choose a deck for the appropriate size, shape and edge profile and select add ons such as drawer, keyboard tray, monitor arm, modesty screen and wire management as necessary
    • Included accessories: Wire Pass, Power Insert, Pencil Drawer, Modesty Panel
    • Available in Black or White base color
    • Available in various sizes and top finishes
    • Eco-Friendly
    • American Made American Made
    • Handmade Handmade
    Product Details
    Proposition 65 WARNING For California Residents — Proposition 65 >
    Materials Wood.
    Specifications Dimensions:
    • 26 in x 48 in: 48 in W x 26 in D x 25-51 in H
    • 26 in x 60 in: 60 in W x 26 in D x 25-51 in H
    • 26 in x 72 in: 72 in W x 26 in D x 25-51 in H
    • 30 in x 48 in: 48 in W x 30 in D x 25-51 in H
    • 30 in x 60 in: 60 in W x 30 in D x 25-51 in H
    • 30 in x 72 in: 72 in W x 30 in D x 25-51 in H
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    List of SKUs available: 2648-REC-SQ-04-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-04-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-04-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-04-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-04-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-04-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-04-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-04-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-04-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-04-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-04-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-04-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-53-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-53-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-53-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-53-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-53-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-53-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-53-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-53-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-53-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-53-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-53-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-53-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-03-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-03-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-03-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-03-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-03-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-03-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-03-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-03-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-03-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-03-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-03-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-03-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-54-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-54-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-54-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-54-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-54-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-54-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-54-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-54-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-54-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-54-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-54-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-54-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-55-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-55-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-55-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-55-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-55-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-55-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-55-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-55-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-55-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-55-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-55-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-55-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-56-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-56-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-56-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-56-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-56-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-56-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-56-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-56-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-56-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-56-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-56-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-56-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-57-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-57-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-57-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-57-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-57-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-57-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-57-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-57-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-57-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-57-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-57-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-57-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-58-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-58-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-58-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-58-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-58-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-58-B-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2648-REC-SQ-58-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2660-REC-SQ-58-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 2672-REC-SQ-58-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3048-REC-SQ-58-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3060-REC-SQ-58-W-P-N-G-D-M-W, 3072-REC-SQ-58-W-P-N-G-D-M-W
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    Reference ID "Copeland Furniture Invigo Standing Desk with Drawer" (Stock ID 263439712265)
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