Mid-Century Modern Credenzas

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Why Choose A Mid-Century Modern Credenzas?

A great way to add nostalgia and charm to any living room, dining room, entryway or office space, mid-century modern credenzas are the perfect storage piece offering beauty and functionality in one. A stunning choice for any space, mid-century modern credenzas are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, materials, and come equipped with a variety of storage options including sliding doors, shelves, cabinets and more. With clean lines and instantly recognizable details like splayed feet and minimal ornamentation, mid-century modern credenzas are incredibly versatile and can easily transition within various aesthetics leaving you with a timeless piece of furniture ready to provide streamlined storage and display potential.

How Mid-Century Credenzas Can Accentuate Your Room

Suitable for a variety of uses, a mid-century modern credenza is best used for storing and displaying your favorite pieces of decor, dishes, accents, and more. Most commonly seen in a dining room or living room, a credenza can act as a simple media console or a spacious surface for storing glassware and linens, while using the top for serving a family meal. For a welcoming entryway vignette, pair your mid-century modern credenza with a set of plush lounge chairs and top with a stylish table lamp, a stack of coffee table books and a potted plant to greet guests as they enter your home.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Mid-Century Modern Credenzas

At 2Modern, we offer a wide range of mid-century modern credenzas to suit your space, your aesthetic, and your storage needs. When looking to purchase a new mid-century modern credenza you want to consider the color you would like it to be – typically try to match your surrounding furniture or balance with a similar hue. Black and white credenzas pop within a mid-century modern space, whereas rich wood designs are traditional for the style. Also consider the space your credenza needs to fit in to determine the size you need and how much storage it will provide. Lastly, consider the material of your credenza. Solid wood credenzas are a beautiful and versatile option that work in nearly any room, while metal credenzas tend to skew a bit more contemporary or industrial depending on your taste.

Mid-Century Modern Credenzas FAQs

  • How to Decorate a Mid-Century Credenza?

Decorating your mid-century modern credenza all depends on the room it is in and the function you want it to have. As part of a welcoming entryway, you can top your credenza with a table lamp, leather catch-all tray, and a vase of your favorite flowers for an elevated touch. In a dining room, top with your favorite serveware you like to display and fine bottles of wine to invite guests to help themselves. In a living room, your credenza can be topped with a TV and family photos, or placed up against a sofa and topped with a reading lamp, decorative bowl and a stack of your favorite coffee table books.

  • Is Mid-Century Modern Furniture Going Out of Style?

Still very much a popular furniture style, mid-century modern furniture continues to be a favorite design option for 2023. Thanks to the clean lines, functionality, and a neutral color scheme, mid-century modern furniture is incredibly versatile and timeless, so it can transition as your tastes change and fit in with a variety of aesthetics.

  • Which Rooms Can You Use a Mid-Century Modern Credenza In?

The best part about a mid-century modern credenza is that it can work as a functional and beautiful piece of furniture in virtually any space. Common rooms to use a mid-century modern credenza include the dining room, living room, bedroom, hallway, entryway, office space, and even game rooms.