Modern Art Prints

How to Create a Modern Gallery Wall

If the idea of a gallery wall of your own seems like an out-of-reach goal, think again. With motivation, determination, and a few helpful tips, creating a personal display of your own art collection is as simple as selecting, framing, and hanging!

Top 20 Dining Room Wall Decor Designs

From a simple leather-wrapped mirror to a full-fledged geometric accent wall design, wall decor is an essential part of your dining room ensemble. We’ve curated our Top 18 Dining Room Wall Decor Designs with something for everyone–from hand-woven tapestries to abstract temporary wallpaper–so you can keep things simple , or turn up the drama (your walls will thank you!).

How Modern Art Prints Can Sophisticate Your Room Decor

Modern art prints and wall art decor are incredibly important accent pieces to have within a variety of interior spaces to complete the room and make for a cohesive and polished looking home. Modern art prints can blend together elements in a room and become a focal point, a color inspiration, a harmonizer, or simply a filler for empty wall space. Colors found within your furniture can also be found in modern art prints to tie your space together and balance your decor. Larger art prints can command attention as focal points above a fireplace mantle, behind a sofa, or along a hallway wall. Art should speak to the room it is in as well as you and your personal interests. At 2Modern, we have a wide selection of modern art prints to choose from ranging from coastal-inspired scenery to abstract and colorful designs. Select a piece that speaks to you and makes you feel as though it will bring positive energy and life into your space.

Choosing Which Modern Art Prints Is Right For You

Overall the art you choose for your home should speak to you and make you happy. Whether it's colorful, eye-catching, abstract, or just a picture of a place that brings positive memories, art can energize you and bring positive energy into your space. When selecting art for your home, choose pieces that display your personality and enliven your room. A bigger framed coastal print could work well over a fireplace mantle in a seaside cabin, while an abstract and colorful modern print would bring a mid-century modern or contemporary abode to life. Love simplistic beauty? There’s nothing wrong with opting for black and white imagery or prints to pair perfectly with almost any interior design aesthetic including Scandinavian, farmhouse modern, industrial, and more.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Art Prints

When buying modern art prints you always want to consider size and hanging methods for your space. If you’re trying to create a major focal point, go for broke and get the biggest size available. For a more standard wall display, opt for multiple, smaller prints paired together or spaced apart as part of a gallery wall. Mixing and matching sizes and shapes works well for a curated and eccentric look. Prints are typically hung with a wire or bracket, but you can also lean art up against a wall or surface if you do not want to put holes in your walls, or are looking to fill space where you can’t necessarily hang the print.

Modern Art Prints FAQs

  • What Is The Importance Of Art In Interior Design?

Adding art to your walls in any space completes the room and overall design aesthetic you are going for. It can help to add color, texture, and a hint of dimension to your space, while eliminating empty space that could make your room feel cold and incomplete. Modern art prints are a great choice for hanging in any room, especially when framed as they add a cohesive and polished look to your room and can bring a smile to your face every time you see them .

  • How Can I Match My Art To My Room?

In order to match your modern art prints to the aesthetic of the room you are decorating, consider color, subject of the art, the style of the art, and the feeling your home/room evokes. When in doubt, the frame can always work to tie your space together and match furniture or other decor in your room. Size is also incredibly important based on where you are going to install the art print. For spaces behind sofas and furniture, one large piece or several pieces together can make a statement, or multiple smaller pieces can work to create a gallery wall.

  • How Can I Display Art In My Home?

There are many ways you can display modern art prints in your home depending on the amount of wall space you have and the look you are going for. You can arrange a large canvas or print by itself to act as a focal point within your room, place the print in a frame of your choosing to match your room’s aesthetic, arrange artwork in pairs to have a symmetrical and cohesive display, or create an eye-catching gallery wall by pairing multiple modern art prints together all on one wall for a bold and stylish design.