2021 Interior Design Trends That Inspire Us

The experts have weighed in on the interior design trends slated to take over this year — and, naturally, we've got some favorites.

New Traditionalist

"This look is a crowd pleaser, appealing to anyone who loves their modern home comforts but wants to inject some character details into their living spaces, too."Homes & Gardens  

Give us a story, and we’ll express it with heritage and grace. In our top picks of vintage-inspired decor and furniture, patterns and enriched color palettes take the stage to highlight the beauty and culture of these timeless pieces. Incorporating this trend sets the tone for a genuine love of design and storytelling. Design a single room with statement wallpaper like the Edo Toile Wallpaper by Graham & Brown, paying tribute to the beauty of Tokyo with a French Country Toile to revealing the charming detail of an elegant wall design.


Eco-Friendly Everything

"The concept of living a more eco-conscious lifestyle has become ingrained in the methodology of many designers, especially when it relates to how they approach their craft."Domino  

Eco-friendly design has risen to the occasion every year to deliver exquisite furnishings with higher standards for sustainability. With designers and design houses continuously re-engineering favorite decor and styles to meet best-in-class sustainable practices, you’ll be proud to share how your favorite pieces are contributing to the well-being of communities around the world. A luxury item like the Mater Rocker Rocking Chair from Denmark consists of 100% vegetable tanned, leather hides from Europe. No chemical substances are used during processing and features FSC-certified oak as its frame.


Relaxed & Comfortable Living Rooms

"People spending more time at home means they want a living room that is comfortable, approachable, usable, and functional."Elle Decor

Bringing together comfort and style has taken on a whole new priority with the age of lockdowns and work-from-home orders. Lounge, ultra comfy, and bean bags are all included in our best selling list of chairs and relaxing furniture to inspire the mood. Snuggling up with some hot tea or your book of the month makes pieces like the Gus Margot Chair a daily ritual. Add in a Jonathan Adler throw blanket for some extra sass to feel good about your quiet time.


High Style Shelfies

"When decorating shelves, pretty little vignettes can be like the jewelry that takes an outfit from drab to fab."Southern Living  

Bold and artful accessories can truly bring out the personality of your home. A single detail can be a great conversation starter like the Lucie Kaas Flo-Jo Kokeshi Doll, named after the famed track star Florence Griffith-Joyner who broke the barriers of how female athletes should be seen by bridging eccentric style and lightning fast track times. Or renew a room’s energy with a throwback modern, block-style vase like the MoMA Mondri Vase to place fresh flowers every week. Even the smallest fixtures can bring a smile to your spaces.


Media Room Makeover

"People are spending a lot more time at home and looking to add layers of functional comfort to their space."Insider  

Rethink your in-home theater or media room with inviting classics and luxury finds to transform these into binge-worthy spaces. If you’re updating your sofa or contemplating a new console for your larger tv purchase, our design experts have created the perfect checklist for your media room makeover. The Urbia Anderson Chaise Sectional is easily a family favorite to stretch out with its wide chaise and fabric protection with its Easy Clean Nanoparticle Technology. Feel at home with a classic film or your favorite series knowing style also translates to comfort and durability.