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Modern White Dining Tables

Anchor your dining room with a modern white dining table

In today’s home, the dining room is more than just a place to enjoy a meal. It’s a place to gather with friends and family, make special memories, relax, celebrate, and share your favorite foods. Your dining table is the centerpiece of the dining room, and it’s arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture in your entire home. At 2Modern, you’ll find a wealth of modern white dining tables to transform your dining room into a more welcoming, accommodating, and stunningly chic space.

Choosing the perfect contemporary white dining table


The shape of your dining table doesn’t just change how it looks within your dining room - it also affects the functionality of the table and its suitability to your dining area. If you have a small dining room or an unusually-shaped space, a round or square white dining table might be the best option for you. Typically, round or square tables accommodate four (or fewer) people, but you’ll also find larger options that fit more guests. Rectangular white dining tables are popular because they provide ample seating for a number of people, but they also fit well in wide and narrow spaces alike. Oval dining tables are a unique alternative to rectangular tables, marrying a more dramatic and uncommon design with the accommodating length and dimensions of a rectangular table.


The material of your modern white dining room table is another important consideration. White wood dining tables impart natural beauty and visual texture, offering versatility and durability. Modern white marble dining tables make a substantial and sophisticated addition to your dining area. Glass tabletops add dimension and interest to the dining room, delivering an unbeatable layered and clean appearance. Metal adds an architectural, industrial touch to your table. When choosing a material for your new dining table, it’s smart to think about your lifestyle. Your table should speak to your own personal style, but it should also make sense for your day-to-day life. For example, if you have children, you might steer clear of glass or marble tabletops and gravitate toward wood for a safer, more durable option.


Decide which features matter most to you in a contemporary white dining table. Perhaps your primary concern is finding a table that complements the large scale of your dining room, or maybe you need one that fits into a more compact space. Your focus may be on finding an extendable white dining table to allow space for additional guests as needed, or it could be based upon finding a design with a pedestal to help account for limited space around the table. Searching with these features in mind can help you discover the perfect dining table for your lifestyle and your space. For more help in choosing the perfect dining room table, take a look at our convenient how-to guide.


Hone in on your style preferences when choosing a modern white kitchen table. Embrace retro elegance with a white mid-century modern dining table. Create a warm and cozy ambiance with a white farmhouse table. Choose simplicity with a straightforward Scandinavian design. Incorporate an industrial dining table for an architectural take on interior design. Make an ultra-modern choice with a completely contemporary design. Your dining table should reflect your own individuality and complement the furniture and decor throughout your dining room and the rest of your home.

Use a white dining table to complete the chic look in your modern dining room

Typically used and enjoyed multiple times each day, modern white dining tables are a must-have addition to every dining room, breakfast nook, eat-in kitchen, and open-concept dining area. With designs from incredible names like Knoll, ARTLESS, RS Barcelona, Cappellini, and more, it’s easy to find a table at 2Modern that will truly fit your vision for the dining room and the entire home.