Mid-Century Modern Dining Tables

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Whether round, square, or rectangular; wood, metal, or marble, our favorite contemporary dining tables are timeless designs, built to outlast trends and fashion.

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Create a timeless dining space with a mid-century modern table.

Mid-century modern style is a time-honored design movement that features clean lines, geometric and organic shapes, and unique elements that make a retro statement in any space. Mid-century modern dining tables are no exception. With their interesting textures, quality materials, and stunning shapes, mid-century tables make a breathtaking addition to your dining space. At 2Modern, you’re sure to find the table that inspires you to host those dinner parties and holiday gatherings.

How to choose the right mid-century modern dining table.


  • Let the natural charm of wood speak for itself. With its neutral tones, durable construction, and ability to take on unique shapes, wood is a popular choice in mid century style.
  • Curate a chic space with a marble dining table. A perfect material for mid-century style, marble is a sophisticated and substantial choice.
  • Allow a glass tabletop to bring texture and dimension to your dining area. With its clean, elevated look, glass is a smart way to create a layered look.


  • Incorporate a round mid-century modern dining table into your dining room to account for limited space, or simply to create an intimate gathering space.
  • Use a square table to take advantage of every inch of space in your dining area and ensure an enjoyable mealtime experience for each person around the table.
  • Opt for an oval dining table for an interesting take on additional seating. With its unique shape and ample surface area, an oval table can be a chic way to introduce mid-century modern design into your home.
  • Select a rectangular mid-century table to make a grand, retro-modern statement. Rectangular tables provide plenty of room for family members and guests alike.


  • Choose a small mid-century modern dining table to accommodate yourself and your partner or to supply seating for a small family. Small tables are also a wise choice for apartments and other limited spaces. A café table is a modest, minimalist option.
  • Use a large table to provide ample seating for many family members or to fill a larger dining space.
  • If you’re unsure what size table is the best fit for your space and your lifestyle, take a look at our how-to guide for details on choosing the perfect dining table.


  • Use an extendable table to provide ample seating for guests, but keep your space open and unencumbered on an everyday basis.
  • Choose a bar table to add height and dimension to your dining room.
  • Create an equally inviting dining space on your patio with an outdoor mid-century modern dining table.

A mid-century modern dining table will make a stunning addition to your modern home.

With pieces by top brands like Knoll, Cherner, Artek, and more, you’re sure to find the perfect dining table at 2Modern. Achieving mid-century modern style has never been easier!