Modern Maple Dining Tables

Top 20 Contemporary Dining Tables

Whether round, square, or rectangular; wood, metal, or marble, our favorite contemporary dining tables are timeless designs, built to outlast trends and fashion.

20 Dining Room Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Often the social center for the home , the dining room is a great space to express your style, skillfully reflecting the many ways in which you can use it. Peruse our picks for creating the modern dining room of your dreams.

Choose a modern maple dining table to set your dining room apart

Maple is a brilliant material choice when it comes to a dining table. Because maple is durable, hard, and easy to stain in a wide variety of hues, it can easily meet your style preferences and practical needs for years to come. This beautiful and versatile wood is a timeless, high-quality material. Take a look at the gorgeous selection of maple tables available at 2Modern, and you’ll quickly see why a maple table would make a stunning addition to your modern dining room.

Features to consider in a maple dining room table

One important quality to think about is the style of your dining room table. Choosing a table that complements your other furniture and suits your unique style preferences is an excellent way to ensure that you’ll love your modern maple dining table now and in the future. Farmhouse tables are a warm, welcoming, and rustic choice, while traditional dining room tables make a classic addition to your home. Mid-century modern dining tables lend a retro, artistic look to your space, and contemporary tables play up the stylish ambiance in your well-edited dining room. Scandinavian designs are well-suited for a sleek, minimalist look, while industrial tables contribute to a raw, architectural atmosphere.

Next, take a look around your dining room and the rest of your stylish home. What color palette do you gravitate toward? Keep your space light and airy with a natural finish, or go for a rich, deep mahogany finish. Complement the cool tones in your space with a neutral gray hue, or warm up your dining room with a honey-colored stain.

Consider the size of your dining room, the number of people in your household, and the number of guests who regularly enjoy dinner in your home. These factors can be helpful when determining the right size for your maple dining room table. Perhaps a small-to-moderate table works best for your limited space or your small family, or maybe a large table is a clear front-runner. You might want to go for a medium-sized extendable dining table to accommodate occasional guests and keep your space uncluttered when your friends and family head home.

Lastly, decide on the dining table shape that appeals to you most. Table shape and size can go hand in hand, with round and square tables working best in limited spaces, and rectangular or oval tables filling larger dining rooms perfectly. This decision may simply be based upon your own personal preferences. Shopping for a specific table shape can be a helpful way to hone in on exactly what you’re searching for.

Use a maple table to elevate your modern dining room

With all the shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and brands available, solid maple dining tables are a good way to change the entire look and feel of your dining room and your contemporary home. With well-coordinated dining chairs, dining benches, sideboards, and more, it’s easy to curate a gorgeous collection of dining room furniture and transform your home into a dinner party-worthy haven. With well-known names like Saloom Furniture, Knoll, and Sentient, 2Modern has a beautiful maple dining table for every modern home.