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Saloom Furniture Emerson Dining Table - Straight Edge

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  • Product Information

    The Emerson Dining Table is part of the Oracle collection and is available in a variety of sizes and finishes. A maple dining table with a solid wood U shaped base.


    • Part of the Oracle collection by Saloom Furniture
    • Designed by Peter Saloom, 2017
    • Country of manufacture: Winchendon, Massachusetts, USA
    • Contemporary style
    • Polymer foot glide
    • Seats 8 for 72 in and 80 in width, seats 8-10 for 96 in width
    • The highest grade of solid maple hardwood tops
    • Hand-applied multi-step finishes
    • High performance catalyzed conversion varnish top coat finish that is water and chemical resistant
    • Natural grain variations and character markings enhance the beauty of their chairs and make every piece unique
    • Suitable for indoor use
    • Assembly required
    • Available in three sizes
    • Available in various table top finishes and base finishes

    Care Instructions:

    • Saloom recommends using trivets, placemats, and coasters to protect the table top from hot plates and water rings/extra moisture
    • Dining table may be cleaned with a mild dish soap or wood soap and dried with a soft towel or cloth
    • Avoid consistent direct sunlight since ultraviolet rays may change the color of the wood over time
    Designed by Peter Saloom.
    Due to color variances with monitor display, we recommend ordering samples / swatches before purchasing products.
    Please note, this is a custom item. 2Modern makes every effort to accommodate product returns with a generous return policy. However this is a made-to-order product and cannot be canceled or returned after 48 hours of order placement.
    • American Made American Made
    • Handmade Handmade
    Product Details
    Materials Solid Maple.
    Specifications Dimensions:
    • Small: 72 in W x 42 in D x 29 in H
    • Medium: 80 in W x 42 in D x 29 in H
    • Large: 96 in W x 42 in D x 29 in H
    Table top thickness: 2.25 in
    Packaged Dimensions:
    • Small, Medium: 88 in W x 51 in D x 7.75 in H
    • Large: 99 in W x 48.5 in D x 7 in H
    Product, Packaged Weight:
    • Small, Medium: 125 lbs.
    • Large: 139 lbs.
    MDWS 4272 EME-Aurora-Gold, MDWS 4280 EME-Aurora-Gold, MDWS 4296 EME-Aurora-Gold, MDWS 4272 EME-Aurora, MDWS 4280 EME-Aurora, MDWS 4296 EME-Aurora, MDWS 4272 EME-Aurora-Silver, MDWS 4280 EME-Aurora-Silver, MDWS 4296 EME-Aurora-Silver, MDWS 4272 EME-Chocolate-Gold, MDWS 4280 EME-Chocolate-Gold, MDWS 4296 EME-Chocolate-Gold, MDWS 4272 EME-Chocolate-Silver, MDWS 4280 EME-Chocolate-Silver, MDWS 4296 EME-Chocolate-Silver, MDWS 4272 EME-Chocolate, MDWS 4280 EME-Chocolate, MDWS 4296 EME-Chocolate, MDWS 4272 EME-Flax-Gold, MDWS 4280 EME-Flax-Gold, MDWS 4296 EME-Flax-Gold, MDWS 4272 EME-Flax-Silver, MDWS 4280 EME-Flax-Silver, MDWS 4296 EME-Flax-Silver, MDWS 4272 EME-Flax, MDWS 4280 EME-Flax, MDWS 4296 EME-Flax, MDWS 4272 EME-Harvest-Gold, MDWS 4280 EME-Harvest-Gold, MDWS 4296 EME-Harvest-Gold, MDWS 4272 EME-Harvest-Silver, MDWS 4280 EME-Harvest-Silver, MDWS 4296 EME-Harvest-Silver, MDWS 4272 EME-Harvest, MDWS 4280 EME-Harvest, MDWS 4296 EME-Harvest, MDWS 4272 EME-Java-Gold, MDWS 4280 EME-Java-Gold, MDWS 4296 EME-Java-Gold, MDWS 4272 EME-Java-Silver, MDWS 4280 EME-Java-Silver, MDWS 4296 EME-Java-Silver, MDWS 4272 EME-Java, MDWS 4280 EME-Java, MDWS 4296 EME-Java, MDWS 4272 EME-Nantucket-Gold, MDWS 4280 EME-Nantucket-Gold, MDWS 4296 EME-Nantucket-Gold, MDWS 4272 EME-Nantucket-Silver, MDWS 4280 EME-Nantucket-Silver, MDWS 4296 EME-Nantucket-Silver, MDWS 4272 EME-Nantucket, MDWS 4280 EME-Nantucket, MDWS 4296 EME-Nantucket, MDWS 4272 EME-Natural-Gold, MDWS 4280 EME-Natural-Gold, MDWS 4296 EME-Natural-Gold, MDWS 4272 EME-Natural-Silver, MDWS 4280 EME-Natural-Silver, MDWS 4296 EME-Natural-Silver, MDWS 4272 EME-Natural, MDWS 4280 EME-Natural, MDWS 4296 EME-Natural, MDWS 4272 EME-Rockport-Gold, MDWS 4280 EME-Rockport-Gold, MDWS 4296 EME-Rockport-Gold, MDWS 4272 EME-Rockport-Silver, MDWS 4280 EME-Rockport-Silver, MDWS 4296 EME-Rockport-Silver, MDWS 4272 EME-Rockport, MDWS 4280 EME-Rockport, MDWS 4296 EME-Rockport, MDWS 4272 EME-Walnut-Gold, MDWS 4280 EME-Walnut-Gold, MDWS 4296 EME-Walnut-Gold, MDWS 4272 EME-Walnut-Silver, MDWS 4280 EME-Walnut-Silver, MDWS 4296 EME-Walnut-Silver, MDWS 4272 EME-Walnut, MDWS 4280 EME-Walnut -Walnut, MDWS 4296 EME-Walnut, MDWS 4272 EME-Shadow, MDWS 4272 EME-Shadow-Gold, MDWS 4272 EME-Shadow-Silver, MDWS 4280 EME-Shadow, MDWS 4280 EME-Shadow-Gold, MDWS 4280 EME-Shadow-Silver, MDWS 4296 EME-Shadow, MDWS 4296 EME-Shadow-Gold, MDWS 4296 EME-Shadow-Silver
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    Cancellation & Return Policy
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  • Product Warranty
    As provided by Saloom Furniture:
    Effective May 1, 2005 Saloom Furniture Co. Inc. offers a limited warranty to the original purchaser for one year from the date of invoice against manufacturer’s defects. We warrant our furniture products to be free from defects in construction and workmanship under normal household and consumer use. If a defect is found during the warranty period, Saloom Furniture Co. Inc. will exchange, repair or replace the defective products. Saloom Furniture Co. Inc. has sole discretion to determine which method will be used to correct defects. Repairs or replacements shall only be made by an authorized Saloom Furniture Co. Inc. dealer.
    Before warranty service will be rendered, the Purchaser must submit a purchase receipt or other proof of the date of purchase. Shipping and handling charges for return to the factory must be prepaid by the Purchaser with return shipment/freight paid by Saloom Furniture Co. Inc. Reimbursement for repairs made locally must be approved by Saloom Furniture Co. Inc. in writing in advance.

    This limited warranty excludes damages resulting from neglect, damage caused by accidental or intentional acts, institutional or commercial use, exposure to extreme or abnormal heat, cold, dryness, moisture or humidity, unauthorized repair or alteration, and misuse or abuse of the products. Saloom Furniture Co. Inc. will not cover damage that results from normal wear and tear or accidents including scratches, burns, water marks or indentations. This warranty also does not cover damage that occurs in shipment to the Purchaser as a result of the mishandling of the products by independent common carriers.

    Each piece of wood is unique and therefore, variation of color and grain can occur form piece to piece. All furniture is built in environmentally controlled conditions. Humidity and temperature are highly regulated in our factories. However, wood will expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity and Saloom Furniture Co. Inc. will not replace a table that has a slight gap either in the center or at the ends where the two table halves meet. This is normal movement and will change with changing conditions/seasons. Care must be taken to control the temperature and humidity in the area where the furniture is placed. Checking or splitting of natural wood products along a “wood grain line” is a condition which may or may not occur in these wood products and is usually the result of excessive dryness of the wood, and therefore, this condition is expressly excluded from the terms and conditions of this limited warranty.

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