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Modern Marble Dining Tables

Marble dining tables are an upscale choice for your modern home

Combining natural variations with a sophisticated, contemporary look, marble is a well-loved material choice for dining room tables. Because no two marble slabs are identical, marble is a clear winner among those who prefer one-of-a-kind pieces throughout their homes. Marble is unbeatable in elegance and timelessness. At 2Modern, you’ll discover a selection of marble tables to turn your dining room into the refined space of your dreams.

Marble dining tables are an upscale choice for your modern home

Size is arguably the most important feature to consider when shopping for a marble dining table. You’ll want to think about the number of seats you need around the table, the size of your dining room, and the scale of your other furniture. Small tables are well-suited for limited spaces and for 4 or fewer people. Medium tables work well in average-sized rooms requiring about 6 seats, while large tables are an excellent option for grand, spacious dining rooms requiring 8 or more seats for friends and family.

The shape of your table is another key consideration. Round or square tables tend to work best in smaller areas, but can also be an excellent choice for large, square-shaped rooms. Rectangular dining tables are a popular choice for more expansive spaces, while oval tables are a unique and eye-catching alternative to the classic rectangular shape. You might choose a shape based on the design and layout of your dining room, the size of the space, or simple personal preference.

Next, think about the many color options available in modern marble dining tables. Classic white marble gives off a clean, bright look. Black marble invites bold, rich sophistication. Gray marble puts an unexpectedly chic spin on your everyday neutral color palette. Choose a dining table that combines a marble top with a wooden base for natural juxtaposition, or opt for a design with metal legs in black, gold, or silver for a bold mix of colors and textures.

Finally, decide on the style that reflects your own personal design aesthetic. Perhaps you intend to begin a whole new design scheme in your home, or maybe you want a table that complements your existing furniture and decor. Hone in on the style you love most. Contemporary marble dining tables are undeniably modern and stylish. Industrial designs deliver architectural charm and an attention-grabbing look, while Scandinavian tables make a clean and straightforward addition to your dining room.

Marble dining tables are an upscale choice for your modern home

With inimitable variations in color, pattern, and style, marble tables are an easy way to elevate your modern dining room. Whether you opt for a genuine marble table or a faux marble design, you’re sure to get an opulent, well-appointed look.

Browse the stunning selection of marble tables available at 2Modern to find the design that speaks to you. With designs by Menu, Cappellini, Gubi, Tom Dixon, and more, you’ll be blown away by the many exceptional options. Don’t overlook the beloved Saarinen Oval Dining Table by Knoll and the Rive Gauche Bistro Outdoor Table by Sika Design. Complete the look with coordinating dining chairs, dining benches, sideboards, and more for a beautifully-furnished, completely personalized space.