Modern Dining Tables

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Colored Concrete Ping Pong & Dining Table by James De Wulf
James De Wulf Colored Concrete Ping Pong & Dining Table from $11,440.00
Best Seller

Berkeley 47-Inch Dining Table by MODLOFT
MODLOFT Berkeley 47-Inch Dining Table from $1,599.00

Beech Dining Table by MODLOFT
MODLOFT Beech Dining Table from $2,499.00
Levante Extension Dining Table by Calligaris
Calligaris Levante Extension Dining Table from $2,050.20

Bistro Round Table by Fermob
Fermob Bistro Round Table from $258.00
Best Seller
Bistro Round Folding Table by Fermob
Fermob Bistro Round Folding Table $380.00
Concrete Ping Pong & Dining Table by James De Wulf
James De Wulf Concrete Ping Pong & Dining Table from $10,120.00
Best Seller

Sixties Table by Fermob
Fermob Sixties Table $510.00
Luxembourg Table by Fermob
Fermob Luxembourg Table from $1,405.00
1900 Dining Table by Fermob
Fermob 1900 Dining Table from $690.00

1966 Rectangular Dining Table by Knoll
Knoll 1966 Rectangular Dining Table from $2,840.00
26-Inch Flower Pedestal Table by Fermob
Fermob 26-Inch Flower Pedestal Table $646.00

Sprout Dining Table by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Sprout Dining Table $1,099.00
Costa Extending Table by Fermob
Fermob Costa Extending Table $3,147.00

Petal Dining Table by Knoll
Knoll Petal Dining Table from $2,425.00
Invisible Table by Kartell
Kartell Invisible Table from $1,030.00

Planet Table White Top by Calligaris
Calligaris Planet Table White Top $900.15

Mari-Sol Table Collapsible Top Round (3 Legs) by Vondom
Vondom Mari-Sol Table Collapsible Top Round (3 Legs) from $415.00
90B Table by Artek
Artek 90B Table from $880.00

Hot Mesh Cafe Table by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Hot Mesh Cafe Table $399.00
Risom Round Dining Table by Knoll
Knoll Risom Round Dining Table from $1,318.00

Table 83 by Artek
Artek Table 83 from $2,400.00
Essentials Rectangle Dining Table by Copeland Furniture
Copeland Furniture Essentials Rectangle Dining Table from $828.00
Mercury Circular Dining Table by Barlow Tyrie
Barlow Tyrie Mercury Circular Dining Table $1,399.00

Dining tables, unlike sofas, beds, or chairs, tend to have more staying power, which is to stay, they don’t go out of style quite so quickly. For this reason, and others, finding the right modern dining table is well worth the effort involved. The sheer size of a dining table gives it both literal and visual weight in a modern dining room, so when shopping for your dream contemporary dining table, do so with particular care and consideration, bearing in mind some important facts.

Are modern dining tables worth the investment?

Your dining table serves a primary function in both your daily life and on special occasions, so investing in a well-made, beautiful contemporary dining table that’s also highly functional and practical makes complete sense. Whether or not your style is formal or casual, there’s a no end to the range of modern dining tables available to anyone for whom both form and functionality are important. Take the time to select a modern dining table that clearly reflects your taste and your lifestyle. It’s a decision you’ll be living with for some time, and, providing you make the right choice, one that you’re not likely to regret.

Is an ultra trendy contemporary dining table a good choice?

For the same reasons stated above, unless budget is not a factor, avoid falling for super cool, but clearly fashion-centric contemporary dining tables. Ideally, you want your investment to be as risk-free as possible, and that means aiming for a modern dining table with beautiful proportions, honest materials, and excellent craftsmanship. While it’s possible that more avant garde modern dining tables can fulfill all these requirements, you’ll probably be better off saving your more adventurous design tastes for items that aren’t as central to a space—like, perhaps, a side table or a bar stool.

What’s the ideal shape for a modern dining table?

The shape of contemporary dining tables will ultimately be informed by personal taste, of course, but also by the features of the area that they will occupy—and the number of people they will most often need to accommodate. Depending on the size of your modern dining room or dining space, a round modern dining table may be more functional than a rectangular one, and a table that expands on occasion may make more sense than a table that seats 12 all the time. The fact is that there are no rules for which shape is optimal for a modern dining table—so don’t rule any particular shape out—but take into consideration design, materials, quality—and context—and make your decision with all those factors in mind.

What material is best for modern dining tables?

Beyond wood and glass, contemporary dining tables may be comprised of almost any material, and the material choice you settle on should complement the other furniture and design elements in your modern dining room. Maintenance is also an important consideration. How much use your modern dining table gets, how easily it can become marked or damaged, and how easily it can be cleaned and restored should also be a deciding factor in your material choice.