Create A Modern Entertainment Center In 5 Easy Steps

Whether you're binge-watching Breaking Bad or cooling off to Coltrane, enhance your downtime with a modern entertainment center that's music to your ears—and easy on the eyes.

1. Optimize Available Space

We're all for fantasy home theaters and music studios, but let's get real; most of us don't have the space (or funds) to create a full-on entertainment room. Still, a stylish media hub can be had even when real estate is at a premium. Begin by sizing up your space, and getting a feel for how much room you realistically have to work with—and how it can be integrated into your larger interior scheme. Settle on a spot, commit to maximizing available space—and let the fun begin!


2. Let Your (Media) Passion Be Your Guide

Are you a French film buff or vinyl collector? TV addict or musicologist? Whatever your personal preference for entertainment, design your media hub around your favorite downtime indulgence. If Netflix floats your boat, the Cavo 8167 Home Theater Cabinet from BDI may need to take center stage, though vinyl buffs may find nirvana in Symbol Audio's meticulously crafted, Mid-Century Inspired Edward Media Cabinet. Either way, the heart of your entertainment center should speak to your favorite pastime.


3. Invest in Stylish Storage  

Proper storage is essential to a modern entertainment center, acting as its visual and functional anchor. Whether holding films or vinyl records, sundry wires or gadgets, a storage unit (or two) is essential for keeping unsightly things hidden, while showcasing valued collections. Go ahead and be seduced by good looks, but stay laser-focused on functionality. Vertical storage is ideal for tight spots, but if you've room to spare, stretch out in front of the long and lean Elora Media Stand, above.  


4. Splurge on Sound Technology

A big sound doesn't have to occupy a big space. Tivoli Audio's Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Pad, above, may be a statement piece, speakers and all, but the tiny, shiny Tube Audio Bluetooth speaker from LEFF makes a hefty (audio) impression of its own. The one-of-a-kind Vintage Bluetooth Radio comes with the purest high-fidelity sound, and hand-crafted body. For impressing party guests, you can't go wrong with Pablo's UMA Sound Lantern, an illuminating wireless lamp with state-of-the-art surround sound. How's that for mood lighting?  


5. Organize Obsessively

What's the point of a collection if you can't show it off? Have your friends and party guests drooling—and inspired enough to become collectors themselves—with an immaculately organized entertainment area that puts your prized possessions tantalizingly on display. Whether you're pack rat or minimalist, corralling a collection of DVDs or sorting through a slew of remotes, take the time to put everything in its place. You'll segue into relaxation mode without missing a beat.