7 Women Designers Worth Celebrating on International Women's Day

On International Women's Day, we're calling out some of our favorite women of modern design, past and present, who've pushed the boundaries of both design and inclusion.

1. Faye Toogood

A British designer working in a diverse range of disciplines, Faye Toogood has conquered the world of fashion, sculpture, and architecture with her keen eye for materiality and experimentation. Focused on the unique qualities and rawness of materials, all of her pieces are handcrafted by small-scale fabricators and artisans for a truly imaginative design. Showcasing self-expression through sculptural, honest renderings, her partnership with contemporary furniture brand Driade, helped establish herself as an interior designer favorite with her sought-after best-sellers the Roly Poly Sofa and Roly Poly Armchair.


2. Patricia Urquiola

If there's such a thing as a superstar of contemporary product design, Patricia Urquiola qualifies. The Spanish-born architect and designer, whose award-winning studio is based in Milan, has a resume replete with ravishing products—furniture, rugs, lighting—in addition to a global roster of architectural and interior design projects. Urquiola's best-selling Caboche Chandelier for Foscarini is amongst her most recognizable creations, featuring a dazzling circle of polycarbonate beads that illustrates her penchant for tactile richness; while her collaborations with Spain's GAN Rugs have elevated the art of rug design to lofty new heights.