Top Modern Bathroom Ideas

A space built for daily routines and morning or evening relaxation, the bathroom can often be overlooked as a space for stylish, yet practical design. We’ve put together our top styles designed to instantly elevate your bathroom space while maximizing a clean aesthetic and supreme functionality.

Modern Bathroom Hardware Ideas

Adequate storage is a must for all bathrooms so adding in additional hardware to hold everything from wet towels and washcloths to soap and hair dryers works to ensure there is space for everything without feeling cluttered and unkempt. The more options you can find that are wall-mountable reduces the use of surface area, freeing up counter and floor space, resulting in a more spacious water closet. Chrome tends to be the material du jour, but stick to your style preference and find options that blend effortlessly. Brass and gold options can lend elegance to a more traditionally-designed space, while nickel or iron-finished pieces offset with wood accents add a hint of Scandinavian-inspired flair.


Modern Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas

Providing ample storage solutions for bedrooms without closets or in need of additional spacPerhaps the easiest piece of decor that instantly ties a bathroom together by standing out or blending in, a shower curtain is an easy-to-maintain option that will last for years and lets you express your style effortlessly. For a child’s bathroom, a fun design makes bathtime fun and perks up an otherwise basic space. Stripes and geometric shapes are always a classic option and can be found in a wide array of colors to match your decor. Often associated with the ocean and seaside spaces, tying in that theme with a hint of sea-faring flair offers a visually stunning option for your daily dose of washing up.