Modern Farmhouse Decor

Top Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas For a Refined, Rustic Retreat

Equal parts rustic and refined with a simple sophistication modern farmhouse bedrooms are a place of tranquility and solace where country influence and down-home details ring true.

Modern Farmhouse Ideas for a Country Chic Retreat

A balanced trend of rustic simplicity and clean-line sophistication, Modern Farmhouse style can be implemented in any room with ease using our top selected styles to make the most of your space at home.

What Is Modern Farmhouse Decor

To accent your space properly in modern farmhouse style, look for natural textures, neutral colors, and charming antique-inspired pieces that create a cozy, casual, yet refined atmosphere. Farmhouse decor can be implemented through a wide variety of pieces within your home including wall decor, shelving, sculptures, framed art, tabletop decor, and much more. The right decor will bring a hint of country charm with a more contemporary feel. Look for natural wood tones, whether it be a reclaimed wood dining table or richly finished wood coffee table. Plaid, stripes, and floral patterns are all under the modern farmhouse umbrella, though they should be simple and mesh well together. Look for decor pieces that are made from other natural materials such as stone, ceramic, or even leather to bring a refined touch to the overall look and elevate the charming rustic vibe. Finish things off with the perfect lighting selection including pendant lights in distressed metal finishes, or flush mounts and sconces in rich matte black. A traditional wood and metal chandelier with exposed bulbs brings traditional flair, while caged lighting such as pendants offers that classic farmhouse look for the 21st century.

How Modern Farmhouse Decor Can Accentuate Your Room

Modern farmhouse decor works to fill in the empty spaces within your room that need filling once you have installed your favorite furniture pieces. Empty walls spring to life with framed artwork or a vintage mirror in the living room, bathroom, or hallway. Built-in shelves can be filled with vintage-style sculptures, rustic bowls, and mouth-blown glass vases filled with favorite blooms. In the kitchen, tabletops can be covered with woven linens, bowls carved from marble, and metal candle holders to set the scene for a beautiful meal with friends and family. The right balance of vintage-style decor pieces and modern day designs create a balanced look that is more contemporary in style while still offering that timeless country charm.

Is Modern Farmhouse Decor Going Out Of Style?

While modern farmhouse decor has certainly gained popularity over the last few years, when done correctly, it is an interior decor style that can have a timeless feel that lasts a lifetime. By skewing more on the modern or contemporary side of modern farmhouse decor, your space will feel fresh, new, and updated, rather than tired and dated with tons of rustic or vintage pieces. Striking the proper balance between contemporary lighting fixtures, new furniture pieces, but balancing that out with vintage-style decor and rustic wood accents will work in your favor to craft a stylish aesthetic that will never grow old. Modern farmhouse decor can also change with the seasons to keep things fresh and inspiring. For the holidays use natural wreaths and faux florals to craft a winter wonderland themed space accented by wooden figurines and silver baubles. For spring and summer, brighter floral designs mixed with warm woods and crystal clear glass accents inspires a bright, sunny space that is both welcoming and comfortable.

Modern Farmhouse Decor FAQs

  • How do you get a modern farmhouse look?

Contemporary, yet cozy, achieving the modern farmhouse look is simple with several aesthetic updates. Combine the feel of traditional country designs with clean, sleek lines of more contemporary style and you have modern farmhouse style. A contemporary take on rustic style, modern farmhouse is more tailored, layered, and coordinated in terms of materials, colors, and patterns to get the perfect balance. Off-whites, and pale neutrals are the perfect backdrop for any room with furniture and accents made from rich solid woods, brick, ceramic, and even burnished metals to round out the look.

  • What is the difference between farmhouse and modern farmhouse?

Classic farmhouse style features more warm, neutral tones, whereas modern farmhouse style introduces whites, off whites, and even pastels to create a brighter, more welcoming look. Classic farmhouse design tends to veer more towards an antique, almost cottage core style with heavy furniture in darker shades, whereas modern farmhouse tends to favor practical, light-finished furniture that is a bit more polished. Overall both styles are quite similar and are geared toward creating a warm, cozy space that is incredibly welcoming and effortlessly chic.