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Modern Black Wall Sconces

Set a modern tone with black wall sconces

Wall sconces are a well-loved option because they are a decorative and versatile solution to lighting. From the patio to the porch and everywhere in between, contemporary black wall sconces are a chic, efficient, space-saving, and stylish way to brighten your space. At 2Modern, you’ll find a vast selection of modern black wall sconces to bring unique sophistication to any area of your home.

Choosing the best modern black wall sconces for your home

First, consider the type of wall sconce that works best in your home. Up lighting delivers an ambient glow, and downlighting provides task or focused lighting in one area. Black plug-in wall sconces are a quick, convenient, and impermanent solution to lighting and decor, while standard sconces become a permanent fixture within your home. Black swing arm wall sconces are a modern, space-saving alternative to a traditional table lamp. Black lantern wall sconces are a modern and chic choice.

Next, ponder the wall sconce style that reflects your own personal taste. Choose an industrial design for architectural beauty or a farmhouse-style black wall sconce to bring rustic warmth to your space. Use a Scandinavian wall sconce to invite clean lines and modern simplicity, or incorporate a mid-century modern wall sconce into your home for retro, eye-catching illumination.

Think about the color palette of your existing decor, walls, and furniture and the look you hope to achieve. Modern black wall sconces provide stunning juxtaposition against white walls, and matte black fixtures are a textured and layered complement to gold home accents. Choose a black and brass wall sconce for an ultra-modern ambiance, or use black sconces to balance an eclectic, colorful space.

Weigh the options when it comes to the material of your contemporary black wall sconce. Iron is a durable and well-loved metal option, delivering a substantial and adaptable appearance. Glass panels or globes provide a reflective complement to modern black sconces, adding an eye-catching and artistic touch to your wall. Fabric shades add texture and depth, and crystal elements elevate your sconce to a sophisticated new level.

Lastly, think about the location where the sconce will be mounted. Indoor fixtures are well-suited for a variety of places within the home. Use them as a modern lamp alternative above your nightstands, use them to line and illuminate your hallway, and so much more. Black outdoor wall sconces are a wise choice for locations like your porch or patio. They’re also a genius way to improve the safety and visibility around the perimeter of your home.

Use black wall sconces to elevate the style of your contemporary home

With the incredible selection of contemporary black wall sconces available at 2Modern, it’s easy to find a design that makes a dramatic impact on the overall appearance of your home. Choose from well-loved names like Sonneman, Marset, Hammerton Studio, CVL Luminaires, Varaluz, Troy Lighting, and more. Modern black wall sconces are sure to tie together your indoor and outdoor spaces in an unbelievably stylish way!