Modern Landscape Lighting Ideas

An optimal arrangement of landscape lights can bring an outdoor space to life — after dark.

Path Lights & Bollards

Thoughtfully selected landscape lighting keeps a home's exterior optimally illuminated, adding both practical and visual appeal after dark. Path Lights and bollards are amongst the most essential landscape lights, designed specifically to illuminate walkways, and safely directing the flow of traffic. The Hinkley Atlantis Round Bollard Light, above is an example of a highly functional and statement-making path light, its elegant architectural form providing crucial downward illumination along a path's length. Similarly, the 12V Ledge Path Light from WAC Lighting is a striking example of landscape lighting that enhances an outdoor space in daylight as much as it does at night. Highly practical for large landscape settings, this path light can clearly be seen, even from a distance, anchoring the landscape's overall design scheme throughout the day.


Deck Lights & Step Lighting

Deck lights and step lighting help define external built spaces, like patios, porches, balconies and terraces. Installed on exterior walls and on stairs, deck and step lighting transforming outdoor spaces into smart spaces for dining and entertaining well into the night. Step lights are essential for exterior stairs, highlighting subtle changes in elevation that can be difficult or dangerous to negotiate in the dark. Hinkley Nuvi LED Step Lights, featured above, illustrate why step lights are crucial to negotiating stairs at night—and how beautifully they can enhance outdoor spaces at night. WAC Lighting's 12V Round Deck Lights are attractive and versatile outdoor lights, easily installed most anywhere on a deck or patio where illumination is needed, its neat, rounded design and downward illumination ideal on a wall or along the length of a staircase.