6 Simple Ideas to Craft the Perfect Farmhouse Dining Room

Popular for its rustic simplicity and elegant warmth, Modern Farmhouse Design effortlessly extends to the dining room where a combination of casual furnishings, earthy textures, and natural materials make up a room that is equal parts effortless, inviting, and endlessly chic.

Farmhouse Dining Room Tables

Modern Farmhouse style, when executed correctly can be timeless and offer year-round appeal. As the focal point of the room, a dining room table is the foundation of your space and should offer a sturdy and stylish surface to dine and entertain. Solid wood is the go-to material, but other materials, such as glass and metal can offer a departure from the everyday. Choose wall colors in tones of beige, cream, off-white, and light pastels to complement your furniture and create a well-accented and inviting dining space.

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Farmhouse Dining Room Chairs

Inherently rustic with distressed finishes and hand-crafted features, Modern Farmhouse dining chairs should offer a cozy, unpretentious seat to relax and enjoy time spent with family and friends. Most commonly crafted from solid wood, fitting in perfectly with the overall aesthetic, the addition of metal or even rattan seating options adds an unexpected layer with lasting appeal. Available in a variety of design possibilities such as spindle backs, cross backs, tolix style and more, your modern farmhouse dining chairs offer incredible style without sacrificing comfort.

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