Farmhouse Rugs

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8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Rug

Serving as an accent piece and an anchor for your space, a dining room rug transforms the overall look of a space and forms a foundation on which you can build a room that is both well-appointed and welcoming.

Why Choose a Farmhouse Rug?

Modern farmhouse rugs stand out for their down-to-earth coziness that is both unpretentious and refined at the same time. Inspired by down-home all-American roots and offering a stylish blend of warmth and comfort, farmhouse area rugs offer a hint of vintage appeal while still remaining modern at heart. Farmhouse rugs can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to fit your interior design scheme and ensure that your space is well-accented from the ground up. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, dining spaces, and even home offices, farmhouse rugs can be neutral or offer a touch of pattern to accentuate your space and can either up the vintage nature of the design style or work to lean more towards the modern inspiration. This means that farmhouse rugs can easily work with whatever design scheme you prefer while adding the perfect accent to your floor. Crafted from wool, cotton, nylon, and even outdoor-ready polyethylene, you can find the perfect farmhouse area rug for your home. Shop 2Modern for a curated selection of farmhouse modern designs ready to bring this cozy, chic, and uncomplicated design trend to your home. 

How a Farmhouse Rug Can Accentuate Your Room Decor

Farmhouse rugs are an excellent choice as they can be quite versatile in design to push your interior design scheme into one direction or another. Whether you want to pair with brand new furniture and decor, vintage heirlooms, or a mix of both, farmhouse area rugs are the perfect base to anchor your space and build your room around. Leaner towards more neutral colors such as beige, gray, and white, farmhouse rugs can offer pops of color such as slate, navy, sage, and darker earth tones that complement a room nicely. You can opt to match the color of your farmhouse rug to the color of the walls in your room, or the majority of furniture pieces in your room for a nice, cohesive design, or choose a contrasting color that stands out, while balancing the neutrality of the overall space. Accent with wrought iron lighting, naturally finished furniture pieces, and leather decor for a truly elegant, yet relaxed space that is both welcoming and eye-catching. Materials like cotton and wool are classic for living rooms and bedrooms, but consider a natural fiber like jute as well to bring unexpected texture and durability to your space. If decorating for the outdoors, polypropylene is your best bet to stand up to unexpected weather and sun for a lasting patio or deck design. 

Are Farmhouse Rugs Going Out Of Style?

More popular than ever, farmhouse rugs are not going out of style any time soon. As styles change over the years, they also adapt to new trends and designs which is exactly what farmhouse rug styles do as well. Truly a timeless design style, farmhouse rugs are found in neutral color palettes, with a variety of patterns that can fit in any space and blend with other design schemes. Leaning further away from the vintage allure of traditional farmhouse design, you are sure to see less faded or rustic rug designs and more patterns and pops of color as time goes on. 

Farmhouse Rug FAQs

  • What is Modern Farmhouse Style?

Modern farmhouse style is a balance of comfortable, down-home charm mixed with modern touches like clean lines, glossy accents, and neutral color schemes. It is less rustic than traditional farmhouse style, adding in contemporary elements like stainless steel appliances and marble accents. This style prioritizes practicality and simplicity while embracing modern comforts for a design scheme that is both cozy and stylish. 

  • Why is Modern Farmhouse Style so Popular?

Modern farmhouse style is so popular thanks to its warm, approachable feel and its overall calming aesthetic. This style is also incredibly versatile and can be fused with other design styles such as industrial, mid-century modern, or even Scandinavian to make your space your very own. 

  • What Are Farmhouse Rug Colors?

Farmhouse rugs come in a variety of colors but tend to lean towards a more neutral palette that is perfect for layering over with furniture and decor. Most common rug colors tend to be shades of beige, white, gray, and brown, with pops of color in various earth tones including sage, navy, terra cotta, and black.