22 Bedroom Ideas For a Dreamy and Restful Retreat

The room in which we will spend on average, one third of our lifetime, the bedroom should always be a space for calm, respite, and uninhibited comfort. With thousands of design options and aesthetics to choose from, we’ve put together our list of inspired and celebrated bedroom ideas to create a welcoming retreat you’ll enjoy night after night.

Equal parts rustic and refined with a simple sophistication shown through the use of raw, natural materials finished in pleasant, calming hues, Modern Farmhouse bedrooms are a place of tranquility and solace, where country influence and down-home details ring true. Cool and casual, think solid wood bed frames with natural finishes, cream-colored walls and bedding for balanced ambiance, and charming, yet chic lighting for a touch of sparkle overhead. Accentuate your space with textured throws and pillows for extra coziness and the warmth of a handwoven rug to ground the room.

Minimal when it comes to color, Scandinavian-inspired sleep spaces make up with maximum Nordic style. Typically kept light and bright, a darkly colored accent wall or richly colored wallpaper can add a sense of depth to the space. All about texture and quality craftsmanship, layers of chunky-knit blankets, plump pillows, and woven linens atop a solid wood bed add overall warmth and dimension to your room. Not to be left out, Scandi decor brings both beauty and functionality to the bedroom through simple wall art or mirrors, floating shelves, and naturally-finished nightstands.

Modern Boho Bedroom Ideas

Relaxed, inviting, and totally transcendent, Boho Modern bedrooms offer a fresh take on natural luxe combined with exotic and colorful motifs brimming with irresistible laid-back vibes. With no strict rules to follow, you can make this look entirely your own. A clean, fresh white wall makes for the ideal backdrop to build upon. Bring in warm undertones in the form of a low-profile solid wood bed, or hints of rattan and wooden decor for organic excellence. Round things out with a hint of texture and tassels in the form of a wall hanging, rug, lighting, or throw pillows to create your very own nirvana.

Industrial Modern Bedroom Ideas

Handsome refinement that's just a little rough around the edges, Industrial Modern bedrooms blend traditional sophistication with rustic- chic undertones for a stand-out design that is one-of-a-kind. Somewhat minimalist with a clutter-free aesthetic, clean and streamlined furnishings such as wrought iron bed frames and dark solid wood dressers are complemented by exposed brick or dramatic accent walls for on-trend aesthetic. A touch of warmth from a tightly woven rug or faux fur throw softens the masculine undertones with ease. Finally, chandeliers or pendants in black, white, and burnished metallics provide dimension and dynamic expression complete with a soothing glow.

Coastal Modern Bedroom Ideas

No beach views necessary, getting the ideal Coastal Modern look is a breeze with shades of blue, whitewashed finishes, and luxe nautical decor. Rustic rattan brings a touch of the tropics that can be utilized in a bed frame, nightstands, or well-appointed dressers for streamlined storage. Driftwood accents found in mirrors and wall art add beachy beauty , while beaded pendants make for conversation-worthy lighting design. And what would a coastal room be without a nautical stripe? Adding a soft touch underfoot and a pop of pattern, a woven rug can have you sailing away in style.

Art Deco Bedroom Ideas

Channel your inner Gatsby and infuse your home with the fabulousness of the roaring 20’s. Jewel tone wall colors or geometric patterned wallpaper brings a rich dynamic with extravagant flair. Weave luxe materials, such as velvet, marble, and brass through your setting by choosing a decadent headboard and lush lounge seating accented by channeled stitching for on-trend appeal. A fabulous chandelier and matching table lamps in an opulent metallic finish bring the wow factor fit for even the most discerning of guests.

Luxe Bedroom Ideas

For a bedroom with a high-end feel that's dripping with style, only the best will do. A bed frame crafted from darkly finished solid wood, wrapped in rich fabric upholstery offers a touch of luxe that supports hours of TV in bed. When outfitted in metallic finishes and crystal accents, an overhead light fixture accented by bedside table lamps brings an elevated touch of brightness that makes your space pop. Ornate mirrors and accent furniture relay a sense of regal refinement, while a pop of color or patterned wallpaper as a backdrop can make a simple wall a thing of the past.

Casual Bedroom Ideas

With a casual space, less is always more and simple is superior. A calming wall color in off-white, cream, or eggshell sets the scene for sheer serenity. Select a solid wood bed frame to serve as your focal point, flanked by a set of nightstands that function as display stands and storage superheroes. A minimalist chandelier overhead brings brightness and sophistication without unnecessary distraction, while a cozy woven throw in a solid color adds a touch of warmth while remaining neutral.

Sleeping in a small room means maximizing space to be both functional and beautiful, while leaving room for all of the necessities. Streamlined storage comes in the form of a fabulous dresser with multiple drawers and doors to hold clothing and out-the-door essentials.. A semi flush mount lighting fixture brings the brightness you need without taking up the space a traditional chandelier would, while floating shelves provide space for decor and additional storage, eliminating the need for any additional square footage. Lastly, affix a mirror to any wall that faces a natural light source for a bit of reflected brightness that will instantly open up your room.

This is your domain, your Saturday morning sanctuary, and space for everyday rejuvenation. Selecting pieces that truly resonate with you and create a foundation for joy and relaxation are key. An oversized woven rug creates a foundation for comfort and bliss, topped with a solid wood bed for nights of silent slumber. Create a balanced lighting scheme with coordinating sconces, table lamps, and overhead fixtures, establishing an aesthetic and driving home your design choices. Plush bedding and cozy accents round out the look and ensure a pleasure-filled palace of sophisticated beauty.

A place for play and sleep, boy’s rooms can be equal parts sophisticated and playful. A striking wood bunk bed provides a space-saving design perfect for sharing with a sibling or friend. Ready for reading, a compact loveseat helps to craft the ideal nook for relaxation, while a streamlined desk offers a space for school work study or unwinding with drawing and games. Colorful accents such as table lamps, wall art, and throw pillows ensure their room is ready to welcome them home with a fun and carefree sense of style.

A multifunctional space to dream, study, and relax, a balanced design of beauty and function creates the ultimate room for any young girl. Minimalist furniture accented with more regal finds such as a velvet-wrapped lounge chair or leather-accented wall mirror creates a sweet and simple space that delights and inspires. Colorful bedding and cozy comforts like a knit throw and tassel-accented pillows add warmth and a sense of security for a well-deserved rest.

Do you want a bedroom that's light and bright or dark and cozy? The decision is yours to make and with an incredible variety of lighting options to choose from, it's not difficult to create a lighting scheme that is all your own. Layering different lighting solutions such as table and floor lamps with wall or ceiling lights can help you achieve proper mood lighting that integrates ambient, decorative, and task lighting seamlessly. Be sure to select options that come equipped with or are compatible with a dimmer so you can ensure the perfect touch of brightness to fit your lifestyle and daily routine needs.

Bedroom Rug Ideas

A soft touch underneath is a must when setting up a bedroom and for a cozy spot that you’ll never want to leave, a rug is sure to bring comfort and warmth all year round. A shag rug offers a thick, high pile perfect for Art Deco and Scandinavian-inspired sleep spaces. Woven wool rugs offer a shorter, more dense pile that still offers a soft touch underfoot, but is much easier to clean when freshening up is needed. For more high-traffic areas such as a master suite closet, a tightly knit short pile is ideal to stand up to constant use and unexpected wear and tear.

Walls are an incredibly open canvas ready to be outfitted with the decor of your wildest dreams. Choose from framed wall art, wire sculptures, deliciously patterned wallpaper and more to create your ideal aesthetic and bring some character and life to your bedroom. A large piece of art over the headboard offers a focal point that centers your space and guides the eye, while a stunning mirror can act as both a vanity area and a way to effortlessly reflect natural light. Looking to make a temporary change? Removable wallpaper is all the rage and allows you to update your space whenever you fancy without the risk of ruining your paint job.

Bedroom Nightstand Ideas

A bedroom never feels complete without a bedside table or nightstand to hold all of your essentials. Depending on the size of your space, you can choose to flank each side of your bed with matching nightstands or select a singular table for just the right accent. If sleek and simple is your thing, a side table works best to hold a table lamp and bedside book with no need for storage. For those who love to keep all the necessities within arms reach, a combination of drawers and shelves provides plenty of space for night creams and reading materials, while ensuring your room remains clean and clutter-free.

Bedroom Dresser Ideas

For a balanced, beautiful and brag-worthy bedroom, a stylish and supremely functional dresser is a design must. Depending on the size of your room (and closet!) a singular dresser may supply enough storage space, while opting for multiple can also work to balance your space easily. Choose from a combination of various sized drawers and doors to neatly secure your favorite clothing and out-the-door-essentials ensuring a bedroom that is clean and clutter-free. Top with favorite accessories such as a mirror, family photos, leather catch-all tray, or a stack of books, for a well-appointed, lived-in look that will never go out of style.

Bedroom Desk Ideas

With working from home becoming more and more common, having a space to spread out your work and be productive is sometimes limited to the bedroom. With space permitting, select a study companion that best works for your overall aesthetic and that amount of storage and electronic storage you will need. Wall-mounted floating desks eliminate the need for square footage, while compact or computer-specific desks often include a keyboard tray and wire organization to ensure a clutter-free and well organized desktop. Lastly, don’t forget a comfortable and ergonomic desk chair to ensure proper support all day long.

Bedroom Planter Ideas

A verdant touch in the bedroom conjures up feelings of tranquility and fresh, natural beauty. Planters act as a multifunctional decor piece that instantly elevates your aesthetic, while simultaneously housing a lush natural wonder. Easy to integrate with any design scheme, planters are easy to place on a shelf or dresser top, station multiple in a corner for a layered look, or hang from the ceiling or wall to create a dynamic display that is sure to impress. Select a finish or pattern that effortlessly flows with your space and fill with your favorite real or faux florals (we won’t tell!).

Gray Bedroom Ideas

A cool, calming, and incredibly complementary color, gray bedrooms are a sure fire hit for those who want a relaxing, yet amplified space, with just a hint of color. A white or dark-stained bed helps to balance out the gray tones and create an anchor point for your bedroom, while a gray striped or ombre rug ties the color together. Bring a touch of brightness and functional decor through your lighting choices sticking to black, gray, white, or even chrome finishes for a cohesive look.

White Bedroom Ideas

Crisp, clean, and totally traditional, a white bedroom is a blank canvas on which you can build the space of your dreams. This also means you can choose any aesthetic that inspires and delights you as a white background effortlessly blends with any design scheme. Choose your direction: Scandinavian, Art Deco, Ultra-modern, or Industrial, and select your favorite pieces that balance each other while providing complementary contrasts to fill your space with pleasant textures, materials, shapes, and sizes, to create a room that was made just for you.

Blue Bedroom Ideas

A relaxing and rejuvenating color, ideal for coastal, mid-century modern, and even art deco-inspired bedrooms, blue can be styled to be bright and bold or subdued and sophisticated. Pair with furniture and accents in differing shades of gray, white, beige, and tan for a well-accented look that speaks volumes. Layer on the luxe and cozy with velvet throw pillows and hand-woven blankets for a welcoming space that promotes rest and relaxation.