Top 8 Small Bedroom Ideas to Maximize Space and Style

With the help of streamlined decor, a smart bed design, and a few pieces of practical storage, small bedrooms can effortlessly be transformed into stylish spaces filled with cozy charm or sleek sophistication.

Small Bedroom Bed Ideas

For a small master bedroom or guest room, the bed still remains the most important aspect of the space. To effortlessly provide a perfect sleeping surface and take advantage of a space-saving style, selecting a bed with built-in storage allows you to store clothing, accessories, winter gear and bedding out of sight and out of mind. Paired with an additional dresser or storage design and the room will always feel organized and open. If you’re decorating a spare bedroom that is severely short on space, a daybed is an excellent option to host family and friends that can act as a couch, but sleep like a bed, while taking up little space.

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Small Bedroom Nightstand Ideas

Nightstands offer a spot to rest a glass of water or evening read, but can also serve as supremely functional storage. Tall, streamlined designs take up less room providing you with plenty of space to stash books, chargers, and nighttime routine necessities, while simple, no-frills designs keep your nightstand clean-lined and tight to your bed, maximizing floor space. Try a combination of shelves and drawers for balanced storage and ample space to ensure your room is always clean and clutter-free or go all-out minimalist with a singular shelf or drawer design to corral just the bare essentials.

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Small Bedroom Dresser Ideas

Dressers come in handy for packing away clothing and accessories in order to keep a small bedroom clean and clutter-free to avoid making the space feel even smaller. When looking to outfit a smaller space you want to ensure you take advantage of options from floor to ceiling leaving no space untouched. Look for tall storage pieces that can then be topped with bins or baskets to create even more storage, or a design with multiple sized drawers to fit all of your favorite pieces including bedding and outerwear. If square footage is an issue, opt for a tall, slim design that makes use of vertical space to provide you ample storage and decor needs.

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