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Scandinavian Lighting

Peruse Scandinavian table lamps, floor lamps, pendants, chandeliers, wall lights & more by leading names including Louis Poulsen, Muuto, Gubi, UMAGE, and David Trubridge.

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What makes Scandinavian lighting perfect for the modern home?

With its marriage of functionality, soft lines, and straightforward design, Scandinavian lighting is the ideal way to accent and brighten your contemporary living space. From ceiling lights to desk lamps, Nordic designs are well-loved because they make a statement in every room of the home. The clean shapes and neutral tones allow Scandinavian lights to complement any décor scheme.

What kind of Scandinavian lighting is available at 2Modern?

2Modern offers a variety of lighting types, each as unique as they are useful. Combine shapes for an eclectic mix, or select pieces from a single collection for a cohesive look.

  • Pendants – Whether you’re decorating an entryway, choosing pendants to illuminate your kitchen island, or using a pendant to adorn your bedroom, 2Modern has a breathtaking Scandinavian-style light to meet your needs. With simple, modern shapes, you’re sure to find a pendant light that speaks to your design aesthetic.
  • Chandeliers – Nordic chandeliers create a commanding environment in your living space. Equal parts bold and simple, these functional fixtures are the perfect way to curate your décor from floor to ceiling.
  • Table Lamps – Combine function and fashion with a Scandinavian table lamp. Use them on your nightstands, in your office, or on an accent table in your living room to provide a dash of Danish allure.
  • Floor Lamps – Light up your reading nook or brighten a dim room with a Scandinavian floor lamp. Your modern home will suddenly feel more evolved and artistic with a stunning new Nordic-inspired floor lamp.
  • Wall Sconces – Scandinavian light fixtures take your walls from flat to functional. The sophisticated, understated designs add a modern touch and help you create a more functional space.

Use Scandinavian lighting to elevate the function and flair of your home.

From the kitchen to the bedroom and everywhere in between, Scandinavian lighting is a stunning and well-appointed choice. Complement table lamps with chandeliers, mix and match pendants and wall sconces, and create a chic environment in your modern home.

The lighting brands available at 2Modern will leave you speechless. Gubi designs feature curvy, clean lines and rich, contrasting colors. Muuto designs are completely contemporary, offering simple but special pieces. UMAGE lighting is known for its unique, statement-making style, artistic flair, and layered elements. David Trubridge creations combine geometric shapes with contemporary charm. Louis Poulsen designs come in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles, making them a well-loved option among interior decorators.

Whether you need lighting for your ceiling, wall, tabletop, or floor, 2Modern has the lighting to complement your Scandinavian style.