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Why Choose A Scandinavian Floor Lamp?

Scandinavian floor lamps are ideal for homes where you want practical lighting and minimal sculptural detailing. Scandinavian style as a whole is popular because of its straightforward designs and simplicity, but this style is often blended with other branches of interior design to create a new aesthetic. For example, some tripod Scandinavian floor lamps use the beloved lightwood tones of Scandinavian style, but it may be paired with a contemporary lamp shade. Other Scandinavian floor lamps will use the simple structure and base associated with the style, but it will be paired with modern materials. Ultimately, choosing a modern Scandinavian floor lamp is a fantastic way of adding necessary light to your room while highlighting different aspects of a beloved style. 

Choosing Which Scandinavian Floor Lamp Is Right For You

Since Scandinavian floor lamps are so diverse in their interpretation and execution of the style, it is vital to consider how you want to express your Scandinavian style and if it is being combined with another style. The determining factors of a light’s style rest in the light’s base, materials, shade style, colors, and use of ornamentation/detail. Considering each of these facets as you shop will help you determine the lamp’s style. After that, you will want to consider the direction of the light, the light’s intensity, and tone as it influences the room’s mood and functionality.

How Scandinavian Floor Lamps Can Accentuate Your Room

Modern Scandinavian floor lamps can accent your room by providing necessary lighting in a corner or for a nearby seating area. The materials of the lamp, its shape, finish, and general style can reinforce the room’s overarching style through their similarities. If your room has a mixture of lights, such as a Scandinavian floor lamp, a table lamp, and a chandelier, you can coordinate those lights to feature the same metallic/wood finishes to create a cohesive design. These elements can also connect to your other furniture and accents to similarly highlight your personal aesthetic and style. When you focus on creating a unified style, each piece of decor will shine as an essential part of the room’s grand design.

Are Scandinavian Floor Lamps Going Out Of Style?

Scandinavian floor lamps are diverse in their interpretation of Scandinavian style and how they execute the style’s signature elements. Not only are Scandinavian floor lamps expansive in their designs, but their style is easily incorporated with other interior design styles like modern, contemporary, and mid century modern. Because of its flexibility and ability to blend with other popular styles, modern Scandinavian floor lamps will remain in style for the foreseeable future.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Scandinavian Style Floor Lamp

When you are considering buying a Scandinavian floor lamp, it is important to consider what functional purpose you would like your light to fulfill. That will guide you in choosing a lamp that directs light over a specific area or serves to illuminate a wider radius. Some lights have adjustable heads as well, which impacts how well you can direct light to one specific area or move the light’s direction depending on the room’s immediate needs. The lamp’s lighting type will also impact the lamp’s task lighting, so consider the bulb type, its wattage, and if the light uses more than one bulb. Ultimately, your Scandinavian floor lamp should be both practical and stylish to best furnish your home.