Scandinavian Wall Sconces

How To Craft The Perfect Scandi Dining Room

Bring simple sophistication and functional beauty to any dining space with our top furniture designs for a Scandinavian-inspired dining room.

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Why Choose A Scandinavian Wall Sconce?

Sconces are an excellent choice for adding some extra lighting to any space without sacrificing square footage and adding clutter to a space. Scandinavian style sconces are known for their minimalist design and neutral colorways like white, black, gray, and muted tones of blue and pink. Scandinavian style itself is synonymous with minimalism and functional beauty. Scandinavian wall sconces are great for Scandi-inspired spaces or a variety of aesthetics in need of clean lines, straightforward fixtures, and sophisticated silhouettes. Effortless and timeless, Nordic-style wall lights are a wise option for dark spaces in need of additional light to promote wellness and comfort.

How Scandinavian Wall Sconces Can Accentuate Your Room

A forward-thinking style choice for a variety of spaces, Scandinavian wall sconces are ideal for balancing the brightness within a room or supplementing natural light in spaces with very little. Effortlessly chic in a bedroom, flanking either side of a bed for additional reading light, Scandinavian sconces can provide directly diffused lighting to make it easier to see while you read. In an entryway or hallway, a pair or more of Scandi sconces makes a welcoming statement and allows for proper navigation throughout your space. Lastly, opt for sleek and stylish Scandinavian sconces for outdoor spaces to bring a bit of your aesthetic to al fresco entertainment and living areas.

Choosing Which scandinavian sconce Is Right For You

When choosing the best Scandinavian sconce for your home, you want to consider a number of factors. Size, color, material, and lighting type are the most important to ensure the sconce suits your space and provides the amount of brightness you need. Lighter finishes are best for bedrooms and living spaces, while darker finishes look great in an office or reading nook. Metal is typical for most sconces, while blown glass options add an elevated flair perfect for a cozy retreat. LED lighting is the go-to for an eco-friendly and powerful option, but some sconces may be outfitted with incandescent lighting, which is a solid choice. The size of your sconce should be proportionate to your furniture and living space, making sure it doesn’t take up too much space on your wall, or look out of place.

Are Scandinavian Sconces Going Out Of Style?

Thanks to their simplicity and versatility, Scandinavian wall sconces are perfect for a variety of interiors and aesthetics. With a focus put on functionality and beauty, Scandinavian sconces are a perfect option for bringing accented brightness to a hallway, living room, entryway, or bedroom. Available in a wide range of materials, colors, sizes, and shapes, Scandinavian sconces are timeless and sure to bring an elegant touch to any home for years to come.