Modern Round Pendant Lights

Top 16 Modern Pendant Lights

Scene-stealers, whether hung individually or in clusters, modern pendant lights make dazzling design statements. Our favorite pendants comprise the ornamental and the minimal, the industrial and the cutting edge—each a lights-out example of modern pendant lighting at its best.

Top 20 Dining Room Pendant Lights

No modern dining space is complete without a delicious pendant light. Our favorite dining room pendant lights are a delectable lot, especially striking when suspended above a table or counter top.

What makes modern round pendant lights so popular?

Round pendants are a well-loved lighting option because they can take on a variety of different styles, making them the ideal complement for a broad range of interior design schemes. Pendant lighting is an accommodating and ultra-functional choice because it can be used as task or ambient lighting in any room of the home. Round pendant lights make an eye-catching and artistic statement. At 2Modern, you’ll choose from a gorgeous selection of circular pendants to transform and update your favorite spaces.

How to choose the best round pendant lighting for your home

First, decide on the design that appeals to you most. Narrowing your search to round pendants is a brilliant starting point, but modern round pendant lighting comes in a wide range of styles. Globe pendants are ball-shaped designs that add a suspended, spherical, suspended design element to your home. Drum pendants can be simple and minimalist, or they can be layered, textured designs. Hoop pendants draw the eye upward and make a striking addition to any space. Round lanterns can take on a traditional look, or they can lend themselves to rustic, farmhouse-inspired spaces. Round, flat pendants are a unique, completely contemporary choice. Sharpen your focus by deciding on the style that speaks to your own personal style.

Next, think about the number of pendants that your space needs. A single pendant may work well in a small living room seating area or over your desk, while your kitchen island or dining table might require 2, 3, or even 4 large pendants for proper illumination. The size of your pendant and the size of your space can help determine the number of pendants you need. Take a look at our handy 4-step how-to guide and learn how to choose the right number of lights for your kitchen or dining room.

Consider the color that complements your home and appeals to you most. Perhaps a metallic chrome fixture is just the reflective sparkle your space needs, or maybe you prefer the subdued look of a brushed silver finish. Make a unique, striking statement with copper pendants, or play up the rich, sophisticated hues in your home with black lighting. Brighten your space and embrace a clean look with white modern round pendant lights, or use neutral shades like gray or brown to coordinate with your interior design. Choose a color that transforms your home into a more stylish and upscale living space.

Finally, decide on the material that best suits your style. Glass can be a traditional element, or it can be a modern addition to your lighting and your home. Crystal is a glamorous, upscale element, while wood lends a nature-inspired touch. Select the material that makes the most beautiful, complementary addition to your space.

Use round pendant lighting to set the scene in your modern home

From energy-efficient LED designs to dimensional fixtures and beyond, modern round pendant lights are a gorgeous way to illuminate your well-edited home. With their suspended, awe-inspiring designs, round pendants are right at home among contemporary décor, furniture, and architecture. Take a look at inspired fixtures by brands like Pablo, Currey and Company, FLOS, Santa & Cole, Resident, and more. 2Modern offers all the best round pendants to complete and brighten your most stylish spaces.