Modern Velvet Sofas

Top 16 Contemporary Sofas

With its central place in a room, a sofa can turn an ordinary space into a stylish, sophisticated area for living and entertaining. Our Top 16 Contemporary Sofas comprise a range of elegant designs—from Mid-Century informed sofas by Gus* and Blu Dot to Scandinavian sofas by Ferm Living and MENU.

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Create an ultra-luxe look in your home with a modern velvet sofa

Velvet sofas are an ultra-luxe and opulent choice for your contemporary home. With sumptuous sheen and rich, deep hues, velvet is indisputably upscale. Velvet offers a soft feel and an even softer look, bringing texture and interest to any room. At 2Modern, you’ll find a stunning selection of modern velvet sofas in a variety of styles, colors, and types.

Choosing the right contemporary velvet sofa

First, hone in on which home decor style you gravitate toward. While any of the velvet sofas available at 2Modern will bring a posh and plush element to your space, they are available in a number of different styles. Choose a completely contemporary design from ARTLESS, a mid-century modern velvet sofa by Blu Dot, an art deco piece by Caracole, or another unique style by a beloved top brand. Allow the designs and shapes to speak to you.

Next, weigh the options when it comes to the type of modern velvet sofa you want in your home. Choose a loveseat if you have limited space or you need a two-person seating option to group with your sofa, accent chairs, and other furniture. For a large space, consider a velvet sectional sofa. With versatility and comfort, modular sectionals are a well-loved option. Select a unique and eye-catching curved velvet sofa to add unbeatable interest to your living room. Opt for a velvet Chesterfield sofa to amp up the sophistication in your space. Choose a dramatic wingback velvet sofa for dimension and flair. Picture each sofa style in your home and select the one that inspires you the most.

Finally, think about the color that works best in your space. Go for a cool, soft shade of gray and allow the shape and style of your modern velvet sofa to speak for itself. Make a bold statement with a lovely shade of blue or a playful pop of red. Choose a black velvet sofa for an ultra-rich, modern look. The color of your sofa will help you bring your artistic vision into focus!

How to incorporate a velvet sofa into your modern home

When discerning consumers are considering a velvet sofa for their contemporary home, they often ask a few key questions. Not to worry - we have the answers!

Is velvet easy to clean and maintain? Velvet is typically treated with a stain repellent product to ensure that it cleans easily and stands the test of time. With the proper treatment, your velvet couch should wipe easily and stay beautiful for years to come.

Is velvet a good choice for a sofa? If you’re searching for a way to make your home more upscale and luxurious, you can’t go wrong with a modern velvet sofa. With its unmatched texture and visual appeal, velvet is unlike any other textile. Velvet is comfortable, stylish, durable, and lavish. It doesn’t snag easily, it doesn’t fade, and it doesn’t mark easily. Velvet is a surprisingly easy-to-maintain fabric, making it more suitable for families than you might think.

Are velvet couches in style? Velvet sofas are certainly on-trend, but make no mistake - they are also remarkably timeless. While velvet sofas are as in-style as can be, they are sure to remain a constant when it comes to interior design trends

What goes with a velvet sofa? Velvet is shockingly easy to incorporate into your home. You truly can’t go wrong when it comes to styling your room to include a modern velvet sofa. However, we do have a few tips to help you play up the extravagance of your velvet sofa. First, take a mix-and-match approach. Offset the lowlights and highlights of the velvet with different textiles. Try pairing your sofa with leather accent chairs, add depth and texture with a tufted ottoman and woven throw pillows, use a patterned wallpaper to create a one-of-a-kind space, and don’t forget to choose lighting that showcases and complements your gorgeous sofa.

At 2Modern, we have a velvet sofa for every style and preference. You’ll also find the perfect modern decor to tie the entire look together!