Mid-Century Modern Sofas

Top 16 Contemporary Sofas

With its central place in a room, a sofa can turn an ordinary space into a stylish, sophisticated area for living and entertaining. Our Top 16 Contemporary Sofas comprise a range of elegant designs—from Mid-Century informed sofas by Gus* and Blu Dot to Scandinavian sofas by Ferm Living and MENU.

How To Craft A Smart & Cozy Small Living Room

Keep things cozy and streamlined with our curated selection of top designs perfect for creating a stylish and functional small living room space.

What Encapsulates Mid-Century Modern Sofas

A timeless style known for its tasteful simplicity, organic curves, and clean lines, Mid-Century Modern Sofas have become a staple in interior design since their inception in the mid 1950’s. The overall look of a mid-century modern sofa is one that is clean-lined, well-structured, and a balanced combination of cozy and functional. Tapered legs are a classic feature, along with a low-profile silhouette and additional accents such as button tufting, channel stitching, and well-tailored upholstery for a refined and polished look. Color options for a mid-century modern sofa can vary, but most tend to stay in a neutral palette such as gray, brown, white, light blue, or cream. Various styles of sofas are available in a mid-century modern silhouette including sectionals, chesterfield, cabriole, and chaise lounge. All are excellent additions to a mid-century modern inspired space and effortlessly complement additional furniture pieces such as lounge chairs, coffee tables, side tables, lighting, and more. 

Choosing Which Mid-Century Modern Sofas Is Right For You

Factors to consider which mid-century modern sofa is right for you are as follows:
Shape: Consider the shape you are looking for to fit within your space and the size that your room can handle. Mid-Century modern sofas tend to showcase low-profiles with sleek and subtle curves that wrap around for a clean, organic look. Consider if you would like a sectional sofa to hold multiple friends or family members, or for stretching out to watch tv. Or a simple two or three seater sofa to accommodate yourself and a few others. Some mid-century modern sofas will even include a built-in side table crafted from wood which simplifies your need for excess furniture and adds to the overall aesthetic. 

Functionality: Consider the functionality of your new sofa and what you need it for within your space and home. Is this a simple seating piece for a study, master suite, or library? Does it need to accommodate a large crowd in the living room? Do you want your sectional to have a chaise? Would you like a fold-out sofa for the den or living room to provide extra sleeping space for guests? Mid-Century Modern sofas are built with utility and functionality in mind, with ergonomic concepts that ensure proper support and endless comfort. 

Comfort Level: Mid-Century Modern sofas can range in comfort level from firm and utilitarian to sumptuously soft and cloud-like. Consider the space you want your sofa in and the level of comfort you desire for the best use within your space. 2Modern has a wide range of mid-century modern sofas, sectionals, and chaise lounges available in a range of comfort levels to ensure you can find the perfect design to fit your interior design scheme and relaxation needs.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Mid-Century Modern Sofas

Other things to consider when deciding on a new mid-century modern sofa is the color choice and upholstery choice. While patterned upholstery is seldom found in mid-century modern sofa designs, most common color choices include pastel colors, warm earth tones, and sometimes even neon colorways. Selecting the right color for your space can liven up a room and act as a focal point within your home. Upholstery material is also important depending on personal desires and functional needs. Leather upholstery is durable and elegant, but can be hard to clean and repair if damaged. Fabric upholstery is ideal for casual and refined spaces alike, with certain types being stain and water resistant – perfect for homes with pets and children. 

Mid-Century Modern Sofas FAQs

  • Is Mid-Century Modern Furniture Comfortable?

Mid-Century Modern furniture is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and comfort levels to provide the best option for your space and your personal preferences. Lawson-style mid-century modern sofas are popular for their oversized, softly-cushioned seats, and Chesterfield style sofas bring ample comfort due to their oversized nature and tufted upholstery. Look for designs filled with memory foam or extra padding for premium support that provides the perfect touch of comfort. Sofas that are firm and flat, are more ideal for spaces where sitting does not last long – such as an office space or waiting area. 

  • Is Mid-Century Modern Furniture Going Out Of Style?

Mid-Century Modern sofas continue to be more popular than ever thanks to their functionality, clean-lined silhouettes, and approachable nature. Perfect for small and large spaces alike, this design style continues to be an iconic part of American design vocabulary and a popular choice for 21st century homes.