Modern Reading Floor Lamps

Top 10 Modern Floor Lamps

Owing to their size, modern floor lamps are natural attention-getters, but they're also versatile lighting solutions for the modern home, easy to move and easily adjustable to specific needs. Our Top 10 Modern Floor Lamps include design icons and innovative lamps that showcase elegant forms, inventive materials, and cutting edge technology.

A Delicate Balance: 15 Modern Arched Floor Lamps

Visually striking and endlessly functional, our top 15 modern arched floor lamps have got both brightness and beautiful style covered.

Bring form and function to your home with a modern reading floor lamp

Rotating bodies, articulated arms, swivel heads. Modern floor lamps that dispense adjustable and pinpointed illumination can usually do double duty as general lighting and task-specific lighting—all the while making striking design statements, as well. If you're in the market for a modern floor lamp that also provides the kind of focused lighting required for reading, ask yourself the following questions:

Are floor lamps the best lighting option for my needs?

Floor lamps have many advantages, mobility, flexibility, and visual beauty being amongst them. But esthetics aside, it's important to be sure that a modern floor lamp is the best option for your lighting needs—versus, say, table lamps or pendant lights. If your space is tight, for instance, the footprints of contemporary floor lamps might be too large; or, if you already have ceiling lights that illuminate a room adequately, even, for reading, then a contemporary floor lamp might be a redundant lighting option. Buying with functionality and practicality in mind will keep you from wasting resources on things that are ill-suited to your needs, or unneeded altogether.

What features are most important in my contemporary floor lamps?

Because there's such a wide range of designer floor lamps on the market, each offering a whole host of options, finding that perfect lamp requires some thought. Think about what the primary function of your modern floor lamp will be—meaning, are you more interested in general modern floor lamps that can easily segue into any room in the house, or are you interested in floor reading lamps, which are meant to provide lighting for a specific reason? Do you need an arc floor lamp that makes a dramatic statement, or are adjustability and flexibility the most important considerations? Once you've settled on the specific reasons for buying your contemporary floor lamps, you'll have narrowed down your design options considerably.

Where am I going to place my modern floor lamps?

Where your modern floor lamp is going to reside has everything to do with its functionality and looks. For instance, if you're shopping for floor reading lamps for your home office, sleek, industrial lamps may be exactly what you're looking for. However, if you you're looking for a design piece in your living, like an arc floor lamp, an industrial lamp may not be an optimal choice. Understand clearly the specific purpose your designer floor lamps are before making that purchase. It's the best way to find modern floor lamps that appeal to you visually, but also resolves a lighting problem perfectly.

How do I make sure my modern floor lamps are the right size?

Scale is an important factor in the design of any interior space, and designer floor lamps are no exception. The size of your floor lamp should be informed by how much space you have, and how the lamp relates to the other furnishings in the room or space it occupies. For this reason, make sure that the room or space you're lighting is appropriate for a modern floor lamps, versus another type of lighting model. That's an issue to consider first before you embark on a floor lamp shopping spree.