Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamps

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Why Choose A Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp?

With so many styles and looks to choose from, mid-century modern is an iconic and timeless style that has been popular since its inception in the middle of the 20th century. To this day, mid-century modern lamps are found within homes, retail, and hospitality spaces around the world and are cherished for their clean lines, smooth curves, geometric shapes, and lasting combination of form and function. Mid-century modern floor lamps are both beautiful and practical, they stand out within a space, but can also blend in well with modern furniture, decor, and other lighting pieces. They are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes, so it is not difficult to find the perfect piece for your living, dining, sleeping, or entertainment spaces. At 2Modern, we carry a fabulous assortment of mid-century modern floor lamps all ready to brighten up your home and bring a hint of timeless, eye-catching style to your space.

Choosing Which Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp Is Right For You

When choosing a mid-century modern floor lamp and trying to figure out which one is right for you, the first thing to think about is the space the lamp is going to be in and the function you would like to get out of it. If it is going to be in a room with lots of other lighting styles such as table lamps, recessed lighting, and chandeliers, a mid-century modern floor lamp with a shade and producing indirect light would be perfect for adding just a hint of additional light and having the silhouette and structure of the lamp do most of the work. For a space where more light is necessary such as an office in need of a task lamp or a bedroom in need of bedside brightness, a mid-century modern floor lamp with more direct lighting or lighting that can be adjusted would be a great option to ensure working late or reading your favorite book can be done at any hour of the day.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp

When buying a mid-century modern floor lamp, you’ll want to consider a few things. First, consider the type of light bulb the lamp takes. LED bulbs are much more powerful, energy-efficient, and long-lasting than traditional bulbs, so these are much more preferred over incandescent or halogen bulbs. Secondly, take into consideration height. For a floor lamp, you want the bottom of the shade to be no lower than eye level when sitting down, on average, your mid-century modern lamp should be between 58 and 64 inches in height. Lastly, consider the overall design aesthetic you want your lamp to combine with. If it's more industrial, opt for a black-finished mid-century modern lamp with hints of metal or rustic accents. For a more contemporary space, look for bold colors and geometric shapes, and for a Scandinavian-inspired room, look for mid-century modern lamps in calming shades of gray, white, or cream, with simple fixtures that put functionality first.

Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp FAQs

  • How Can You Tell A Lamp Is Mid-Century Modern?

Mid-century modern lamps are often very easy to spot due to their striking shapes and distinguishing characteristics. Often crafted from metal and man-made materials, mid-century modern lamps have smooth curves, geometric shapes, and are a solid combination of beauty and functionality.

  • How Tall Should A Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp Be?

The best size mid-century floor lamp for a bedroom or living space should be between 58 and 64 inches tall. The bottom of the lampshade should be no lower than the eye level of a seated person. If buying multiple floor lamps for your space, make sure they are as close in height as possible for a cohesive lighting design. This will ensure your space is decorated proportionately.

  • Where Should You Place a Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp?

Lamps are a perfect decor piece and accent to blend with other lighting designs for a perfectly lit space. Mid-century modern floor lamps work perfectly placed next to a sofa or armchair, beside a bed, as part of an entryway vignette, or even over your dining room or kitchen table if opting for an arc lamp.