Modern Blue Ottomans

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Bring comfort and functionality to your space with dual-purpose ottomans ready to serve as a stylish foot rest, storage design, or end table, keeping your space cozy and organized without any effort.

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How A Blue Ottoman Can Accentuate Your Room Decor

The perfect addition to a living space, lounge area, or master bedroom reading nook, a modern blue ottoman can accentuate your room decor by complementing your existing furniture by either matching the color or providing a pop of color that blends without clashing with the space. Perfect in front of a sofa, sectional, or cozy armchair, a modern blue ottoman provides a spot to kick up your feet, an extra seat for unexpected guests, or a sturdy surface to serve drinks and snacks. Pair with furniture in other shades of blue, gray, white, and cream for the best looking space with complementary tones. Look for a variety of upholstery types available including cotton, linen, velvet, and leather to decide which is best for your space and your desired level of comfort.

Choosing Which Blue Ottoman Is Right For You

When choosing which blue ottoman is right for you, figure out the space in which it is going to be placed in and then select a shade lighter or darker than the main piece of furniture it will be complementing. Next, think about the use of the ottoman. For the ultimate lounge set-up, select an oversized design that can also work as an extra seating option if need be. Short on space? Select a storage ottoman to hide odds and ends and keep your room clean and clutter free.

Are Blue Ottomans Going Out Of Style?

While your color preferences may change with trends and time passed, a solid ottoman will never truly go out of style. A versatile piece of furniture and decor that can act as a seat, foot rest, table, and storage spot, a blue ottoman will always remain a welcome addition to any living room, lounge space, or bedroom for an added touch of comfort and elevated level of decor.

Modern Blue Ottomans FAQs

  • How Do You Place An Ottoman In A Room?

The ideal design piece for any space, an ottoman can go virtually anywhere. In front of the sofa, next to the entertainment system, or in the corner of the room. If you are looking for your modern blue ottoman to be more of a statement piece, place it in the center of your seating group to act as a coffee table.

  • How Do You Use An Ottoman In A Bedroom?

An ottoman can be placed at the foot of the bed for an added layer of comfort and act as a finishing touch on your room's decor. For best results, choose one in an upholstery color that matches or compliments your bed linens. This becomes the perfect spot to pile up your extra throw pillows.

  • What Is The Right Size Ottoman?

The size of your ottoman should typically be 2/3rds the width of your sofa or sectional, allowing for 14” to 18” of space between the ottoman and sofa for a balanced look. This allows plenty of space to pass through, while keeping the ottoman within your reach.

  • Can You Have Both An Ottoman And Coffee Table?

As both pieces act as a flat surface and decor piece, it is perfectly acceptable to mix and match coffee tables with ottomans. They will contrast nicely and add a bit of visual interest in your space, but most importantly will provide a space to rest your feet so you don’t have to prop them up on your table.